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    For Sale Some A6 C6 Parts Left over after my retrofits

    You got all the bits for retrofit electric tailgate
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    Towbar Electrics (Help)

    I just used the kufatec loom as it was easier and keeps it all OEM as some of the relay bypass don't work 100% with functionality and register with car .as your car changes certain aspects when towing engaged ... Also if you pdc sensors most relay bypass don't work correctly with the towing
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    Pre facelift to facelift conversion?

    Would love to know about the pinout change in the headlight upgrade to FL bi-xenon drl . I've fitted them but drl doesn't dim and when I switch to auto or dipped beam I get sidelights/daytime running lights bulb error . Short to plus
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    Minium oil light BRE engine 2.0tdi

    Havi g it checked out on Monday just hoping I don't need to get new oil pump and shafts. Just hoping that the sensor I got because it was aftermarket is faulty aswell. Ive had the light for on since January so this is what's making feel like the sensor is faulty.
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    Minium oil light BRE engine 2.0tdi

    Hi there woundering if anyone could help me please. I have an audi a6 4f 2008 sline estate 2.0tdi BRE minimum oil light keeps coming on after about 10miles of driving from popping the bonnett as I now this resets it as it reckons you have done work to the car. So I've replaced bonnet...
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    Oil Level sensor Problem

    Hi guys I have this problem but its low oil level changed the sensor as thought this was the problem and changed the 5amp fuse on the dashboard passenger side fuse 7 for oil pump and still the low oil sensor appears. Any help would be great. Oil level is perfectly fine and she is runni g fine...
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    Subframe mounts

    My rear subframe bushes are on there way out how much you think I'd be looking at for them to be replaced. Me providing the bushes
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    Door handles with leds

    I'm guessing you got a whole reel and cut down to 3 leds and soldered wires to. Do you have pics of we're you placed whole and the strip
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    BOSE AMPLIFIER 4F0 035 223G AUDI A6 C6 4F0

    Don't suppose you guys know the pinouts for the extra 6wires from the 3extra speakers I need to install into the original dsp amp plug for retrofitting bose EG: (two d-pillar speakers and centre speaker)
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    Plug-and-play solution for DRLs (382/P21W) on A6 4F?

    All sorted wired to the ignition fuse and all great..
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    Retrofitting heated seats WITHOUT a Kufatec Loom

    I would love to do this to my audi a6 4f 2008 sline. Am j guessing the loo. Cable and seat pads or new seats with heating is all I need to retrofit and obviously a new climate control unit with the buttons.. No other additional wireing needed
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    Also thankyou guys for your previous help .no longer have all these faults apart from my camera saying not calibrated
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    Anybody share the coding for there auto hvac so I can get it eto display on my mmi screen again please
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    That's great advice cheers for you explanations will try tonight and see what it does..
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    Just curious what is aux. Heat (18) for and the control heads
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    Don't suppose you know how to got my climate control to show up on the mmi unit again do you as this was missing when I installed the new mmi interface
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    OK so go in to can gateway and installed list and remove these numbers that you have put in.
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    No I installed headrest dvd players which I wired to the ignition live. Voice control I only have for telephone when I press the button and say dial person.
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    Audi a6 4f vcds scan

    Help can't clear faults.. Camera, voice and passenger door not a problem but the rest I do t get
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    Plug-and-play solution for DRLs (382/P21W) on A6 4F?

    Hi there woundering if you can help me please I've Installed drl's to fog light grill they work as they should bright when lights off and then dimm when headlights on and indicate when they should but once car turns off the drl stay slightly lit up constantly. Positive is + pole. Negative to -...