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    brake peddle vibration

    ive got a audi s3 1999 just had front drivers side wheel bearing replaced today and now the brake peddle is vibration when i break havent been back the the garage yet finished work late any idea what it could be
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    flashing oil light red

    just dropped the sump put in new oil pick up pipe fresh oil from tps and filter now oil light comes on as you move off from cold got no codes from the diagnostic machine the old pick up pipe was clean no clogging up of gunk dont no what to do now the engine sounds sweet and boosts fine
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    flashing oil light red

    car is a 1999 s3 apy the red oil light comes on and bleeps three time when engine it at temperature then turns off then on and off there is plenty of oil in it and the engine and turbo works fine i have pluged in the snap on diagnostic but no fault codes it only flashes when on full load and at...
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    audi s3 apy 1999 vibrating

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    audi s3 apy 1999 vibrating

    hello there my problem is that my car is vibrating when i drive on roads i mean its like driving on roads with stones on them its abit strange i can feel vibrations all round
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    air bag control mod location

    audi s3 1999 apy air bag control mod location can someone help
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    audi s3 1999 no compression cylinder 1

    update garage has blown the ecu and trottle body wtf but its on there hands now my car started and drove they reversed it of the recovery van so they can not say it didnt start what a night mare 3 weeks now with no car im fu,king ****** big time
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    audi s3 1999 no compression cylinder 1

    yes but i give it the full beans since ive had it so can see they have left the belt loose than its fu.king ******* me off ive had no major issues with it at all its been good to me never had any problems with it at all its only don 75000 miles and i maintain it ove all costs
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    audi s3 1999 no compression cylinder 1

    my cars engine just started to miss fire and make a knocking sound from the engine a week after ive had the timing belt and water pump done just been told by a specailist that it has no compression to cylinder 1 now
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    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    black s3 about 845 friary road handsworth plate c14yj
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    8L bigger turbo

    burn it lol
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    s3 apy 1999 misfire

    ive changed all the coil packs and plugs still the same will check injectors tommorow thanks
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    s3 apy 1999 misfire

    scanned car no codes changed coil packs and spark plugs still misfires dont know what to do now it misfires from start up and sounds like a subaru now with no pick up
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    S3 8L Nicest Color?

    jet black:blackrs4::hubbahubba::respekt:
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    Cristiano Ronaldo’s

    good links
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    Cristiano Ronaldo’s

    did you know his first car was an s3 8l when he was 18 years old and now is for sale
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    smoke test needed....

    r tech in hinckley near coventry
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    Check out the new R-Tech website

    As per post lots of info good read on the 1.8t faults and what to look for pre map whoop whoop