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  1. Tommy1finger

    A3 Photoshoot!

    Looking good:hubbahubba:
  2. Tommy1finger

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Aymmetric on S3 8P review

    Two days ago I had the all season version Goodyear Eagle F1 in 235/35/19 installed and so far I love them. I did 3 laps at the local racetrack with them and held up really nicely.
  3. Tommy1finger

    Track days

    Hello, I took my A3 to the track 3 times this year. Although my A3 is a 2.0T, the recommended basic modifications are the same for your car. Wheels, tires, suspension, rear swaybar and brakes. I have Koni coilovers, Neuspeed rear swaybar and Hawk performance race brake pads....
  4. Tommy1finger


    Glad I could help out making your decision. IMO 19's are just the right size for the A3. 18's are too small, 20's are a little too much, it can be done and look stunning if you have a deep enough wallet..... Looking forward to see pictures of your ride with your new wheels...:icon_thumright...
  5. Tommy1finger

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Took these pictures a few days ago:
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    If you lower your car enough, 19's look just fine:salute: A few examples from the States: A3 sportback on 20's: And finally here is my car on 19's:
  7. Tommy1finger

    My A3

    Looking good:icon_thumright:
  8. Tommy1finger

    Forge diverter valve 2.0T

    I have the Forge DV with the spacer. No real difference in performance that I can see, none the less it's nice to have a peace of mind knowing that my DV valve is not going to fail. My car is APR chipped+carbonio intake+methanol/water injection....
  9. Tommy1finger


    I debadged my car, it looks "cleaner" without the badges...
  10. Tommy1finger

    Snow Performance Methanol Injection installed

    As you can see on the dynographs, I made an additional 15hp and 20ft/lbs or torque at the wheels and that was while the system was not fully tuned (still learning) Getting an extra 20hp and 20ft/lbs or torque at the wheels is not unrealistic and should not be difficult to achieve with a well...
  11. Tommy1finger

    Snow Performance Methanol Injection installed

    It's a 50/50 mix of Denaturated alcohol(methanol) and distilled water being sprayed into the throtle body manifold. The amount sprayed is controlled by the boost. This is an affordable and safe way to gain usable horsepower without hurting your engine, it's actually good for it.... There is...
  12. Tommy1finger

    RNS-E upgrade to TV and Bluetooth Phone

    This should help, there is tons of useful info here:
  13. Tommy1finger

    Snow Performance Methanol Injection installed

    I had the Snow Performance Methanol/Water injection kit installed this week. Nick and Jay at Waldenburg Performance did a fantastic job on the install, going above and beyond providing excellent service, making this kit work on my car as it was originally designed for. I received one of the...
  14. Tommy1finger

    Whos got 19s?

    I got 19's, OZ Racing Ultralaggeras 19x8 ET40
  15. Tommy1finger

    G'day from Oz - new member with a query

    I am rolling on 19" OZ Racing Ultralaggeras, ET40 with 235/35ZR19 Tires, lowered on Koni coilovers. At first I experienced minor rubbing that was fixed by filing down some of the fender liner screws. I can have 4 fully grown adults in the car without any issues.
  16. Tommy1finger

    Which remap should i choose?

    It depends on what kind of mods you are planning in the future. This week I am getting methanol injection installed, although APR has been working great, I kind of wish I went with Revo because it's more flexible by allowing you to finetune your setting to your mods...
  17. Tommy1finger

    Mates A3 the other morning...

    That really sucks:aggressive:
  18. Tommy1finger

    Boost gauge installed

    This is great, I do appreciate everyone's honesty on here instead of saying it looks great while thinking just the opposite. :icon_thumright: It's easy to be critical, how about coming up with a solution? Where else could a boost gauge be installed tastefully, functionally, without altering...
  19. Tommy1finger

    Boost gauge installed

    I needed to have a boost gauge, if any of you can suggest me a better location without cutting the dash or permanently altering the car, by all means please do. The current setup is fully functional, highly visible, affordable, good quality and it can be removed without a trace. Newsouth...