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    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    Do you have pics of these? And what is your location
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    A4 door

    Hello every one, right my drivers side door on my 1996 A4 seems to have dropped a little, this causes a bad wind noise when driving at speed. Does anyone know why it has dropped and if I'll be able to fix it myself, Any help is greatly appreciated. Ta
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    Clunk from front suspension, not suspension arms though?........

    I think I may have the same prob, was talking to a mechanic a while back and he said it could be a gearbox mount, Havent had it checked yet as the car has been off the road for a while.
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    a4 wont start, please help

    Never really checked but I didnt notice any new icons or ones that had gone that once were there
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    a4 wont start, please help

    I've checked the fuses inside the dash where the door closes, theyre all ok, is there any more i can check? Going to try a new batt. tomorrow but want to eliminate as much as I can
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    a4 wont start, please help

    Hi all, I recharged my battery on my 96 a4 an accidentally connected it the wrong way round because I was in a hurry, It was only connected for a few secs but now I cant start the car. When I turn the key there is 1 click but then nothing, tried jumpleads and still the same. What am I likely...