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    Audi PR Code / Technical info Stick (or lack of)

    if you go to a motorfactors or audi they will be able to tell you from the reg or chassis number. Do you have a tps ( trade parts ) near you? They are good for genuine disks and pads, I replaced all 4 disks and pads on my 3.0tdi avant recently and only thing they wanted was the vin number from...
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    Booked in for custom exhaust

    but with a Miltek it will have a resale value when it comes to changing car time. so in effect it will cost you similar amounts over the period of ownership
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    Remote tailgate opening on A4 Avant

    on my B8 avant it opens right up, then you press a button on the inside of the tailgate and it closes itself.
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    Power steering question

    My steering gets heavier as I get up some speed, when parking etc it is lighter.
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    headlamp washer removal..

    If you look at the new washer jet you will see where the clip holding it in place will be, so you should be able to work it out from that how to unclip it, it definately comes out no problem and new one goes back in place with no issues. :yes:
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    headlamp washer removal..

    Jack car up remove wheel remove front fastenings on splash guard reach in and remove the old washer jet and replace. took me about 40mins in total
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    Black Edition Alloys

    not call Audi and ask?
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    Headlamp washer jets not working .............?

    the system will not hold pressure with only 1 jet. replace the broken washer and go from there. they can be replaced from removing the wheel and splash guard, I had to replace one recently and was able to do it this way.
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    Xenon light problem after accident

    I thought of using the aftermarket ones, but from past experience they dont give the same break that the genuine bulbs give and can fail MOT. So thought if i replace both now I wont have to even think about it for a few years :)
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    Xenon light problem after accident

    New bulb needed I reckon. bring the Vaseline with you, I just replaced 2 in my car as wanted them to be the same colour/brightness £131+Vat each from VW Trade Parts ;(
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    No mudflaps fo the b8 s-line?????????

    sorry they have been on the car when I bought it :-)
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    No mudflaps fo the b8 s-line?????????

    I have front and rear mudflaps on my B8 S-Line :faint:
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    A4 B8 TDI S-Line - Retrofit Standard or SE Suspension?

    what size of tyres are you running? are you able to change to a slightly larger profile tyre? I find tyre size can make a lot of difference in ride quality.
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    How to check if S line is 143 or not? Does not state in logbook.

    if you check the sticker in front of the service history book it will give you the power rating there. should also find same sticker on the boot floor I believe
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    Retrofit ISOFIX B8 8K Audi

    Any idea on cost for these? £30/40 for a set?
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    Retrofit ISOFIX B8 8K Audi

    i didn't, but thanks I am going to do some searching for those!! :)
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    Retrofit ISOFIX B8 8K Audi

    I wish I could remove the isofix in my car, looks horrible the stupid mmetal bars sticking out the back of he seat.
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    2007 A4 B7 Symphony Radio change to RNS-E

    I have the RNS-E I took out of my 2007 A4 before selling it. Its in the classifieds if your interested. Classifieds: A4 RNS-e satnav unit and maps disk £425ono Comes with everything you need to fit it.
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    how much is RNS-e and bluetooth worth these days?

    I upgraded to a B8 so have the RNS-E and bluetooth I removed from the car to sell. Is eBay my best bet and just start it at a low price and see what it gets? anyone any idea what sort of money they are worth? RNS-E is an 8E0 035 192 Q model think it has 2012 Maps disk also, I have left it...
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    Help! A4 2.0Tdi S line...

    Flywheel judder?