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    Twin Supercharger & Twin Turbo users

    Not an owner but just look at this one!!!!!!!!!!!
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    8p 400+bhp?

    Is the forge cooler the twin cooler?
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    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Here is the result with all the mods and upgrades: A3 8P 1.8 tfsi CDAA K04-064 moded APR intercooler 2.0 Gti VI injectors Forge wastegate blue spring Custom air pipes 76mm exhaust decat ITG intake stab99ld R8 coils forge blow off valve red spring relocated Greddy profec oled boost controler...
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    What intake do I choose for my s3 8p3?

    Custom intake pipe 70mm with the maf in its original position and an ITG maxogen Stab99ld.....with the air intake at the front post no14 1st page I have a 1.8tsi CDAA and this is what I have on right now
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    Blow off valve/ forced induction kit - best options??

    Well you could go with custom intake ( OEM position for maf ) and a close intake filter at the front of the engine....such as ITG stab99ld.
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    Max torque (and BHP) the engine can pull? Advice

    I will have to agree 100% with leshkin !!!! The map of the tuner will determine how the engine will work, there are a whole lot more parameters to adjust ..... not just boost!!! As I've said and before the tuner will determine - with a solid error-free map for the ECU - how the engine will work...
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    Max torque (and BHP) the engine can pull? Advice

    You will see 300ish bhp with 0.9-1.0 bar at the limiter. If you don't add any more boost at low rpms it will be at 340-360Nm The dyno graph will look as a 3.0 NA engine, but the K04 is literally sleeping with 1.0 bar of boost. If you make 1.3 overboost and keep around 1.1-1.2 at the limiter the...
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    Sachs organic clutch just installed. Thoughts

    If you have the boxes please check if the clutch bearing is made in Germany or Made in China......
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    Sachs organic clutch just installed. Thoughts

    Yeap smooth and almost OEM feel....You should consider the fact that with your ( and mine ) current setup the little springs in the OEM organic disc are all the vibrations are ''going'' in the DMF. So some rough feel will be present at gear changes but not enough to say that something...
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    Sachs organic clutch just installed. Thoughts

    Just a bit lower than the OEM but with 4 years of driving it now feels normal.....
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    Sachs organic clutch just installed. Thoughts

    What you describe should not happen in my opinion. I have the exact same set as you. Harder feel at the pedal but nothing more....The jittery part will decrease in time and with some more miles driven...
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    Sachs organic clutch just installed. Thoughts

    So you must have the 240mm disc! I have the same one in's a bit heavier about 15-20% on the pedal, but it's indestructible!! After 43000 km with K04 and about 490Nm the OEM flywheel is suffering.....If you do not launch the car frequently.... the only problem you will have is the...