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  1. jaffaxr

    steering wheel controls

    having bought my new car ive noticed the steering wheels controls dont work and as im new to a6 ownership i was wondering what i should be looking for? thanks in advance car is an 08 plate a6 avant le mans edition
  2. jaffaxr

    For Sale Audi b7 quattro 220 b7

    cant see any details for this im interested
  3. jaffaxr

    returning member

    hi guys ive been away for a long time as work and life got in the way but im back now and looking for a new car still got the old sline avant but its starting to be a pain and cost money chasing faults so im on the lookout for a new one
  4. jaffaxr

    Window regulator. Never again.

    ive just had mine done by the local garage £89 supplied and fitted seems reasonable to me
  5. jaffaxr

    Newbie ,help need on clutch noise

    ive got the same noise and the garage i use says its the dual mass flywheel and clutch......
  6. jaffaxr

    First Audi Project - B7 A4 Avant SLine 2.0l turbo Quattro

    mine need a refurb as well not sure what im doing with them yet.....just had cam belt water pump and front cv joint done
  7. jaffaxr

    Don't forget what starts tommorow chaps and chapettes.....

    Apparently the new fines are only aplicable if you go to court..normally the standard fines are still in force That's what I heard wonder if anybody can confirm this?
  8. jaffaxr

    Exhaust options for A4 b7 Quattro Avant 2.0tfsi

    I'm after an exhaust for mine as well looking round and the going rate does seem to be around the 500 mark
  9. jaffaxr

    First Audi Project - B7 A4 Avant SLine 2.0l turbo Quattro

    This is my second Audi ownership (the first being a used and abused workhorse which never even saw water with shampoo in it). I've got lots of ideas for her but have not yet made the decision as to which direction I want to go in as she is also a daily driver so needs to stay reasonably...
  10. jaffaxr

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    finally got the glovebox catch changed for the new one thats been sitting on the shelf for a month
  11. jaffaxr

    SW section meet @ Exeter Services

    cant make it sorry mate got a few jobs that need doing this weekend
  12. jaffaxr

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Absolutely nothing apart from pick a fault Seatbelt light doesn't go out..hoping a squirter of wd or electrical cleaner with sort it out.
  13. jaffaxr

    Help needed please

    Would I just need the stalks or is there any other bits I'd need?
  14. jaffaxr

    Help needed please

    okay guys ive been doing some reading and ive got a couple of questions im hoping you can help me with? (new owner) 1. retrofit cruise control and dis to my car and if so what would i need? 2.0t sline quattro avant 05 reg (without multi function steering wheel) ive read the cruise control...
  15. jaffaxr


  16. jaffaxr

    SW section meet @ Exeter Services

    if im around ill be up for this
  17. jaffaxr


    can you change the car to B7 A4 2.0t quattro sline avant.....thankyou
  18. jaffaxr


    is it possible to update my post on this list please
  19. jaffaxr

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    how hard is it to do and what would i need mate?