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  1. kite

    Wiper Problem

    I've had a search but nothing come up. I have recently had to free off my wiper spindles, wipers now run but I have a small problem and wonder if anyone else has had this. my wipers now go down slighty before sweeping up. I have tried resetting the arms but it still happens. Do you think the...
  2. kite

    Front Wipers

    My Front wipers have stopped working. I know the mechanism is known to seize up but I had that out4 weeks ago and cleaned and greased the spindles. I called on my breakdown service and the guy tells me I havepower to the motor plug So he expects it’s the motor that’s failed. Tomorrow my plan...
  3. kite

    Will it work?

    I have RNSE and bluetooth already fitted. If I fit a B7 MFSW am I able to complete the SDS hack?
  4. kite

    00727 fault code

    demister fault code. Is this motor on the glovebox side ??
  5. kite

    Light Pack Problem

    A3 Tdi 3Door. I have the light pack fitted but the lights on the drivers door do not work. I changed the drivers door lock a few months ago with no problems. I have had the door card off and cannot see any wire breaks/disconnections. I have full VCDS can I test the door lights with it ? Any...
  6. kite

    G28 fault !

    G28 speed sensor fault. Is this easy to change? Anyone have an idea on location on a 2.0tdi
  7. kite

    Just Fitted These

    Just changed my front sidelight lamps for LED's No Canbus errors !!!! XENON WHITE LED SIDELIGHT BULBS H6W FORD COUGAR | eBay UK I have H6W's lamps due to having factory xenons.... Just waiting for it to get dark to check the "whiteness"....
  8. kite

    Rear PDC

    I have a failed sensor, can I remove it without dropping the bumper ?
  9. kite

    can I retrofit....

    Auto-wipers to a b6 I have xenon autolights with coming home function. Could I just change the stalk and do a bit coding?? TIA
  10. kite

    A3 DIS Retrofit

    Hi Guys, asking this for a friend, I normally hang out in the A4 section. OK Car is an 8P 3 door 1.6 SE. It has no DIS at the moment just a small pictogram of the car if a door is open. Now what is needed for full DIS, is it just a coding change and a Wiper stalk or does the dashpod need to be...
  11. kite

    Changing Headlights

    Hi All I have factory Xenons at the mo but have the chance to buy S4 bi-xenons, is there anything to look out for ? Will I need to change wiring or the leveling motors, are they just plug and play, will i need to change any coding. Thanks
  12. kite

    Coding a Cab

    Can a B7 Cab be coded for windows up and down from the remote ?