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    Noise fron engine bay when touching accelerator

    If you are feeling it through the steering wheel, the first thing I would check is the wheel nuts are tight. I have had it before where a wheel was tighten but not torqued and I got a vibration exactly as described.
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    Brake Pad advice

    I’m a big fan of Brakes International for these parts. Used them for years on multiple cars.
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    7 Speed DQ200 - couple of things

    The DQ200 gearbox is a 7 speed dry clutch version that isn’t supposed to need oil changes as the clutch’s don’t contaminate the oil. The S3 Potterswheel has will have is a 7 speed DQ380 or 381 box (they changed in 2017) which is wet clutch and needs to be changed regularly.
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    Wheel fitment

    Offset is all about the wheel width. You even confirm this in the pictures you include in your comment Peter. if a wheel is 8” wide with a zero offset, then the hub face is 4” in from each face. if a wheel is 9” wide with a zero offset, then the hub face is 4.5” from each face. This wheel will...
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    Lightbulbs H7 WTF!!

    Just checked my manual and it’s covered on page 256/7 says the lug on the bulb should be the opposite way to the one on the connector. Insert the bulb with the lug on the connector at around 4 or 5 o’clock and then turn until it stops. Check fitment through the lens, then replace the cover and...
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    How often do your tyre sensors go off?

    If the wheels have been powder coated recently, I’ll put money it’s leaking from the valve. They don’t always get a good coating in the valve hole, this leads to corrosion and then the valve leaks. Only a little, but it’s enough.
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    Brakes juddering at high speed

    There is no reason your mechanic can’t remove and service the caliper. The only difference over a traditional one is it has an electric cable for the handbrake, instead of a handbrake cable. Replacement callipers, if needed, can be had for £190ish from Brakes International (with an additional...
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    Brakes juddering at high speed

    Can you tell which corner it is coming from? Check the obvious first, like the wheel is tight. Nuts can come loose and produce a wheel wobble only under braking. Check the run out on the disc to see if it’s out of true. Then see if the hub is the same. It could be small amount of rust between...
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    Radio volume and electric handbrake issue

    Thanks all, I’ll have a look at the GALA settings. The handbrake is just annoying. Can’t wait till we try and line it up on the two post ramp next time it’s serviced.
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    Radio volume and electric handbrake issue

    Was wondering if anyone could answer the following for me please. Audio volume. Is there an option to enable / disable the stereo volume auto adjusting depending on the car speed? I have had it previous cars that as you go faster the volume increases to compensate for road noise. I’m not sure...
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    Stop start fault?!?

    As above, has the battery been coded to the car? Have they fitted the correct spec battery as well?
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    Read the engine sticker at 0:48...

    I got now brakes, I got no brakes. erm, pull the parachute maybe
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    184bhp TDI vs 150bhp engines?

    I believe the 150 has a smaller turbo, different injectors and a factory ECU map to suit. To get the extra HP, you’ll need to at least switch the turbo before doing the remap.
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    Will AirCon issues throw up error on dash?

    If they do a regas properly, they should clear the old refrigerant from the system, pull a vacuum and leave it for 30 minutes to make sure it holds. If that’s good, then they refill. No point putting expensive, dangerous gases in the system if it’s just going to leak back out. If you do have...
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    Best place/website for brake disc and pads ?

    I have always bought my brake parts from The usually have stock for most common cars and are great for refurbished callipers if needed
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    Audi A3 S Line - S-Tronic - 1.4 or 1.8?

    I have the 1.8 Quattro. you are looking around 28mpg around town and 40mpg on a motorway run (constant 75 set on the cruise control) remember if you are mainly driving in town around London all the extra power isn’t going to get much use, as traffic is so heavy, slow speed hope that helps
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    DSG gearbox mapping

    Hi All I currently have a 2013 1.8 S Line Quattro with the DSG box and i’m thinking of getting it mapped to Stage 1. I have been checking prices and specs at Awesome GTI as they are fairly local, but noticed they don’t seem to do a DSG tune for the 1.8 engine. I haven’t had chance to ring them...
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    Best priced insurance?

    Not sure when your policy is due OP, but if possible get it insured 3-4 weeks before it expires. Massive savings can be made this way. I dropped my policy by about 20% last year getting in early.
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    Which Alloys are These?

    they paint the entire wheel, then diamond cut (lathe) the faces to give the silver spoke finish. They should then lacquer the whole wheel to protect it.
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    Stop / Start not working

    Sorry, I meant the garage wouldn’t have known the settings had been changed. When I raised it during purchase, they suggested a possible faulty battery and adjusted the price. Turns out it was faulty as well. It was annoying me, more because I wanted to know nothing was wrong with the car. Now...