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  1. wesmaster

    Fault code 1376!!

    Hi all, haven't posted for ages, but have an issue with a v6 tdi fault code 1376, am I right in assuming it will need a new pump or repair at least? Thanks. Wes.
  2. wesmaster

    C5 heater panel

    Not sure they will, as the older version has an "off" button. I might be wrong.
  3. wesmaster

    C5 heater panel

    I think they are different. I have a later one spare. £25 posted. I'll post picture if required. The earlier ones had slightly different button layout.
  4. wesmaster

    Allroad ABT Sportsline 2.5 tdi !

    Can you pm me the details? Pics? Thanks.
  5. wesmaster

    Smoke smell

    Thanks minty. I'll give it a shampoo wet vac over weekend.
  6. wesmaster

    Terra clean

    You say the EGR didn't stick as you sig it says "EGR Delete" I have nothing but bad news about terraclean, especially on high mileage cars. My advice: Don't bother!
  7. wesmaster

    Fuel pressure

    I always thought the only reason the allroads had a pump was to balance the levels over the prop. The Injection pump sucks the fuel itself, so you will have no pressure, just a "vacuum"
  8. wesmaster


    Ill second this. Nothing but good experiences from Nick.:thumbsup:
  9. wesmaster

    Allroad ABT Sportsline 2.5 tdi !

    Yes Chris, will still be looking out for a C5 or B6 2.5 TDI quattro manual Just really hard to find in good condition. Still Got a Vaux signum 150 cdti, got a decent remap to 200, and still get 60mpg on a run! Quite like it
  10. wesmaster

    Allroad ABT Sportsline 2.5 tdi !

    Do you ever give up on tuning these engines to the MAX? Take my hat off to you.
  11. wesmaster

    Best radio station to listen to in the Audi

    Even when I was a teenager I thought r1 was utter trash. Nothing to do with age in my case. Same cd on repeat all day, with a bit of giggling in between.
  12. wesmaster

    Best radio station to listen to in the Audi

    Radio 1 is great..... If you are under 14 years old. Radio 2 all the way
  13. wesmaster

    From A Renault Megane to an Audi A6

    looking good. Ive just sold my C5. BTW Do you want some repair stickers for the climate control? PM me
  14. wesmaster

    engine struggling for temp on a run,

    If the oil temp is also low(less than70-80) then I would put money on the thermostat. Speak to adamss24.
  15. wesmaster

    Smoke smell

    Hi all, just bought a new car, but previous owner smoked in it. How is best to get rid of manky smoke smell? Cheers. Wes.
  16. wesmaster

    Does my clutch ever need changing????

    Basically, autos don't have clutches, if the transmission is "slipping" you have issues, not a case of replacing the clutch. Other members will be able to give you more input. The auto boxes on these c5 cars are far from good!!
  17. wesmaster

    Travelled 3 hours to look a 2.5Tdi Q B6 and.....

    Bought a Signum 150 cdti now. Was less than half price and very economical. With a decent remap will be 190-200 bhp anyway. Quite surprised how good it is.
  18. wesmaster

    Travelled 3 hours to look a 2.5Tdi Q B6 and.....

    I was on eBay, the listing finished before I looked at it. I'll try to find the link later and post it.
  19. wesmaster

    Travelled 3 hours to look a 2.5Tdi Q B6 and.....

    Thanks, just someone will buy it on ebay unknowing all the probs and pay good money for it.