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    25% service plan discount

    My A3 is on variable service intervals so usually only has a service every 19k miles. Will this service plan apply?
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    Options not offered in the UK

    Generally disappointed in the configurations being offered on the new sportback. Why no "sport" seats in the "sport" version as on the previous 8v model? Why only vinyl/pretend leather seat material on sport & s-line, no cloth option. I checked and there are many more options available...
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    Tyres with good rim protection

    My car will need a new set of tyres soon. It currently has Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 225/40 R18 Y (92) fitted. They have been fine in terms of performance and I like them because they have a large and prominent rim protection ridge. I'd go with them again but they are only rated B for Wet...
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    e-tron question

    A bit off topic but, on the A3 e-tron does it have a regenerative mode to top up the battery during braking, overruns etc. Or is plugging it into the electric supply the only way of recharging the battery?
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    Most Audis subject to availability... Why?

    Perhaps they are waiting until 1st Nov when they can put the prices up by at least 10% !
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    Facelift Enable additional vehicle information

    On the 'myAudi' website and app there is an option to 'Enable additional vehicle information'. It says this is to 'Allow your Audi partner to define you as the owner of the vehicle, in order to experience the full benefits of myAudi'. Has anyone done this and is it worth it? What additional...
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    Facelift Hankook tyres

    My saloon has Ventus S1 Evo2 tyres fitted but they need replacing soon. Looking on 'blackcircles' website they have both standard Hankook Evo's which have a fuel economy rating of 'E' and a wet grip rating of 'A', but they also have Audi AO spec Evo's which have a fuel economy rating of 'C' and...
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    A3 subject to availability

    Ireland ( was still RHD the last time I was there.
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    A3 subject to availability

    Still showing available on and ! Strange.
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    A3 subject to availability

    The Audi UK website is showing "A3 Sportback is now subject to availability. Please speak to your local Audi Centre for pricing and stock availability matching your requirements." Is this due to the new model coming soon, or some other significant event?
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    SD Map update (again)

    Sorry to raise this question again, but has anyone ever managed to update the maps for their SD card based satnav without having to pay out £250+ to Audi? Map updates seem to be free to VW, Skoda & SEAT owners, can these not be used in an Audi?
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    Oil filter change

    To change the oil filter on a 2017 2.0 TDI am I correct that it can only be accessed from underneath, and the underbody tray has to be removed?
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    Dynamic Wing Mirror Indicator Install

    I take that to be a “yes”.
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    Dynamic Wing Mirror Indicator Install

    Will fitting these invalidate my warranty in any way?
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    Expensive First Service?!

    Recenty my 2.0tdi saloon was due it's second service at 38000 miles. The car is on variable service schedule and I drive about 20k miles per year. I was quoted £410 for the service by Edinburgh Audi but was then offered a 2yr service plan for £635 to cover this and the next major service at 57k...
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    SD Card Map Updates

    It is possible to download map updates from a volkswagen website as VW offer free map updates. Does anyone know if they can be used in the Audi SD based satnav? The website is
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    Interior Lighting

    I think this could be the case but the new car seems to have all the same lights in the same places as the old one, just no way to adjust them. Perhaps something needs to be enabled in the system.
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    Interior Lighting

    Just bought a six month old SLine Saloon having traded in a three year old Sport Saloon. I have a question about setting the interior lighting in the SLine. At the minute, for example, the footwell and cup holder lights only come on when you open the doors and I can't find a setting anywhere to...
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    New tfsi or nearly new tdi?

    I was looking at ordering a new 1.5tfsi in sport spec but have spotted a 6 month old 2.0tdi SLine, with 6000miles on the clock, for the same money at my local dealer. Now I'm not sure what to go for! What would you do?
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    1.5 tfsi real world mpg

    What sort of mpg are people getting from their 1.5tfsi ? Most of my driving is long distance on the motorway. I've seen some people quote 35mpg which seems very low compared to the official 57mpg combined. I know it is unrealistic to expect the official figures but I would hope for something in...