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    The visa website isn't accurate with recalls so I've posted here.. I've read that cars similar to mine b7 2.0tdi 140 has had a few recalls. Injectors egr cooler etc... can anyone tell me exactly what recalls were on my a4?
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    Computer activation wiper stalk installation etc.

    I need a wiper stalk with the computer buttons on the side of it and the computer activating/installing. Anyone in or around Derby that can supply and fit?
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    Lowering springs.

    How many of you have used lowering springs on your B7? I'm after some for mine but want to see what people have used and what's good and whats not. Also how low have you gone and any pictures i can see to determine what i want mine to look like? Just want the rims to sit in the arches a bit...
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    A4 B7 2.0 TDi 140 My First Project.

    So my first few cars i had were all sheds, fell to bits and then i brought an Audi. It had 120k on the clock special edition s-line with all the interior and trimmings etc and it was Auto. (my first auto) It cost me £5000 and i love it. Ordered a few bits first and foremost. Wind...
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    a4 b7 2.0 when first started lumpy and shaky as hell

    I've recently noticed when i first start my car from cold its quite lumpy... bit shaky until it hits 70 ish degrees then calms down then almost almost goes away when up to temperature. Is this normal? It's the 2.0 tdi 140 auto no fault codes no warning lights and drives fine also when...
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    Tow bar on S-line???

    Got the B7 sline, it says on eBay when i search for towbars on adverts that i cannot put the tow bar onto the s-line model? i contacted a seller and he said because the rear bumper difuser/splitter etc would cause problems fitting... IS there a tow bar for my car? i don't want the swan neck...
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    2 Broken items... 1 Thread... Glove Box/Armrest Clip

    Ok... I need to repair 2 items in my car. The glove box as you open it the left hand side... whatever it is clip, hinge has snapped clean in half... Do i need a new glovebox or can it be repaired? Second on the agenda is my armrest there appears to be no clip on there? Do i just get a clip off...
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    Are my seats heated?

    Posted in b6 by mistake I have 2 tone heated special edition b7 seats in my b7... All these seats I've seen online (looking to see what I've got here value wise as it came with the car) they all have the heated seat function in them but my car doesn't have the control panel for heated seats...
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    heated leather???

    I have 2 tone heated special edition b7 seats in my b7... All these seats I've seen online (looking to see what I've got here value wise as it came with the car) they all have the heated seat function in them but my car doesn't have the control panel for heated seats... how do I find out if mine...
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    What is your MPG?

    I have a A4, 2.0TDI 140 S-Line B7 Auto I put £20 in and got 112 miles averaging 30mpg... From a diesel driving around town lots of stop start etc is that what it should be or not? I'm awaiting arrival of my new wiper stalk so i can see what the computer is saying, To get a more accurate...
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    2.0 tdi 140 engine breathing heavy?

    Took my dipstick out today whilst car was running and there was a light steam/smoke coming from the dipstick hole... my mech said the engine was breathing heavy, couldn't put it down to rings because at cold starting the car there is no smoke etc to suggest rings.... its a 2.0 tdi b7 s-line...
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    Onboard computer retrofit.

    At the moment my wiper stalk has no buttons on it to control the on board computer, just shows distance to empty. Is this a simple wheel off stalk off new stalk in wheel on, vag com job or more in depth? Hoping it's a DIY..... lol
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    A4 B6 1.9 130 Automatic Gearbox, Reliability???

    I'm looking at buying my 2nd B6, 1.9 130. But this time i want the automatic gearbox? from what i can see theres Multitronic and Tiptronic, i also read bits of a post about the clutches being ***** and audi forking out loads to repair them... What i want to know is what to look out for, what...
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    Vibrating/Bad Fuelling and struggling to start... All rolled into 1 thread now...

    Ok so i've got a few threads open but want to get it all into one as it may all be related. My car is an Audi A4 1.9PD 130 it's been remapped to about 170. Under load the car has what can only be described as a rotational wobble? the harsher under load it is the more the car will wobble. Had...
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    burning after hard acceleration

    After i accelerate off the line hard up to 80 by the time i get there it's burning the brakes out!? they start smoking really bad!?
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    Lack of power and overheating brakes but no binding etc? related..

    I'll try to keep this as simple as possible... Today on my way home from work i experienced what can only be described as HORRIBLE turbo lag 2100 rpm before anything happened. whereas normally 16-1700 rpm it's taken off and blasted a scooby (its a 1.9tdi 130pd mapped upto 170) So i thought ok...
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    armrest template

    anyone got a template for cutting out the armrest hole for a4 b6? ive seen the workshop manual but a much simpler one with instructions seems to be flying around, just want a copy as the workshop manual confused me slightly!
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    Temperature issue.

    My stat was broke so I have had another fitted today (OE) Now it gets up to temp perfect and all my issue are gone no more flat spots no more cold running engine and the MPG has gone through the roof, gentle run round town 47mpg cant be happier.. When I put my heaters on VAGCOM says it goes...
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    headlights staying on

    My right hand side headlight stays on when the nob is in the off position..... Sound inside the car as if i'd left the lights on but they're definetly in the off position?? Confused! HELP!!!! lol
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    Poor fuel economy.

    My average fuel consumption reads a eye watering 33.2mpg over 388 miles which was a full tank.... It's a 1.9 130PD A4 B6 I've had the EGR valve off and cleaned that out and surrounding pipework but it's still shocking... On a run I can barely hit 42mpg on the onboard computer. Fault codes are...