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  1. Igdos

    Brave colour choice - S3

    Don't think I could have done it:
  2. Igdos

    How many..........

    Don't (and haven't ever) drink coffee. Tea is no sugar with milk - used to be 2, then 1, now I'm clean :-)
  3. Igdos

    A3 holds its value better than any other car in UK

    ] It says they only looked at the top 10 selling cars of 2009 - surprised the A3 made it on to that list although seeing more and more of them about now.
  4. Igdos

    Changes to the A3 range

    Plenty pics of the changes here: Click on the enlarge picture icon in the top right corner of the photo to click through. Then it's spot the difference....there's a couple of other tweaks there.
  5. Igdos

    Changes to the A3 range

    It's Lee_R who sourced the photos - didn't pick up on the S-Tronic shifter, they've made it look exactly like a manual. Not exactly essential changes - the original design has aged really well.
  6. Igdos

    Changes to the A3 range

    Bit of extra chrome above and below switching for hazards/ESP etc. And possibly slimmed down 'grab handles' on the centre console?
  7. Igdos

    Blind Lorry Driver

    Not available on that first post anymore but story's made it to BBC website: Hope that lorry had a 'How's my Driving?' sticker! :ohmy:
  8. Igdos


    Nice colour but how come Holland is the only country with a yellow front number plate :think: - spoils the looks of the car IMO!
  9. Igdos

    2.0TDI 140 - MPG !

    With S-Tronic (no stop-start, I think that is quite new so may not be many about with that feature) getting high 40s or low 50s on longer runs - quite happy with that.
  10. Igdos

    When's the new model A3 due out ???

    Late 2011 I'd guess.
  11. Igdos

    mysterious switch

    :laugh: On a side note, you would struggle for anyone to notice the alarm going off, it's that quiet (for a car alarm!)
  12. Igdos

    S3 in this weeks Auto Express

  13. Igdos

    Dealer Joy Riding

    Sure there was a post on here a while back from someone who experienced the same - he went to the papers, that way the dealer/Audi customer service will be more likely to sit up and take notice!
  14. Igdos

    Snowdonia Panoramics ~ 56k

    Great photos!
  15. Igdos

    guess you can buy anything off ebay....

    LOL at the English on there: 'don't worry i give you more information to start them and build the right pipes to connect the pipes for tune up the Lady' :think:
  16. Igdos

    Crime gang's Q7 now a police car
  17. Igdos

    S3 manual to S tronic anybody??

    The OEM version does shift up/down quite early, well before the red line anyway.
  18. Igdos

    Quiet tyres for A3 TDI (Vredestein Ultrac Cento?)

    Only advantage with Michelin is that they do last 20000 miles plus. My A3 came with Dunlops - don't know why new A3s come with different makes? After 14000 there's still a decent bit of tread left but will look out for the quieter ones for sure.
  19. Igdos

    New 1.6Tdi Mpg

    Up to 14000 miles now and I can't say mpg has changed much since day one - mix of driving 49-50mpg, that's with S-Tronic. From what I've seen I am not sure cruise control helps the figure - when I use cruise the DIS mpg figure starts to drop.
  20. Igdos

    Hot UK Deals - worth putting in your favourites - lists of offers on just about everything.