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  1. rdfcpete

    Red 2006 A3 S-Line 3 door N'hampton A45

    Don't know if this car is on here but spotted you a couple of times dude, gave you the thumbs up this morn. Cars got pressed plates and what looks like S3 skirts. Car looks dead smart on a nice stance :thumbs up: Pete.
  2. rdfcpete

    A3 BE Door Lower Sill Panel Part no.

    Looking for the part number of the 8P3 (MY10) A3 S-Line 3 door door sill panel please guys. It's the softer plastic part that lines the bottom of the door. Sure enough being on coilovers, I parked on a heavily side-sloped street and it had an unintended scrap with the gravely pavement - of which...
  3. rdfcpete

    Pete's OEM+ Audi A3 Black Edition 3 door 2.0 TDI 170ps

    Despite lurking around here for 5 years or so, this thread is probably 18 months later than it should be, but here's the replacement to my MY06 Steel Grey MK5 Golf GTI (below) that I owned for 3.5 years. I've had the A3 BE since Aug 2012 and it's been superb. The 8P3 A3 swung me on looks and...
  4. rdfcpete

    8P3 Black Edition Xenon bulb upgrade (from factory Xenons bulbs)

    Guys, Has anyone successfully upgraded the factory Xenon bulbs on their Black Edition A3 or 8P3 A3 to something fully legal but with a whiter colour & beam pattern? I'm getting a bit picky here, but, I noticed when parked next to my friends MY12 Ibiza FR that his Xenon beam pattern was...
  5. rdfcpete

    RNS-E DVD Read Error

    Been using the RNS-E (LED 2012) since January and the Nav has been faultless. The disc hasn't been removed from the drive since I placed it in the drive when the RNS arrived. It was an eBay purchase - Pic of the disc below. Just this last month it's started to fail reading the disc and produces...
  6. rdfcpete

    Black Edition Paint Code (RS4)

    Guys, Can someone confirm please the OEM Black Edition wheel colour paint code? It's these (the RS4 BE style) from an MY10 3 door Black Edition, fitted on the earlier black Editions. They're the one piece wheel all in one colour as far as I know. I'd noted down 'L8AU' for some reason but I...
  7. rdfcpete

    8P2 S3 Bumper to Black Edition

    Quick question, does the 8P2 S3 rear bumper fit straight onto the 8P3 Black Edition TDI 3 door (MY10 specifically)? "Why?" you're thinking. It's a good question - purely as the 8P3/3 3door S3 rear bumper leaves quite a gap around the TDI exhaust pipes and judgement of eye seems to suggest the...
  8. rdfcpete

    Audi Ash Tray Part no.

    Guys, Can anyone please confirm the ETKA part number for the smaller ash tray on the left? It should have a small tapered bottom. Thanks.
  9. rdfcpete

    OEM Ash Tray Part No. check

    Guys, Is anyone able to confirm for me please in ETKA that the following part number corresponds to a small (or smaller of the two) OEM Audi ash tray with lid? Part no. is: 420 087 017 Should look like this If it does, does it definitely have the tapered fit at the bottom, or is it a...
  10. rdfcpete

    OEM S3 Skirts & Sill Inlays

    Guys, I'm thinking down the OEM S3 8P3 front & rear bumper route, including the OEM skirts too. No badges of course, just to achieve an OEM+ body look in the most subtle fashion. I intend to retain the OEM Black edition grill surround and grill itself. I understand the S3 inlays that come as...
  11. rdfcpete

    170ps TDI Oil - Reaching temperature

    Currently using 5w30 Quantum Longlife III oil in the A3. I used this oil in my MY06 MK5 GTI and got on very well with it, so it's tried and tested in my eyes (being Castrol oil, re-branded & VAG approved of course) . The only thing I've noticed with the TDI compared to the GTI is that it takes...
  12. rdfcpete

    Mode Button

    Guys, Retrofitted the RNS-E LED a while back now but never tested the 'Mode' FBMFSW button. What should it do (if configured correctly)? I've got an MY10 A3 Black Edition. After RFing the RNS, I didn't update anything in VCDS in all honesty, simply because everything I used before carried on...
  13. rdfcpete

    Lowered 8P3 A3 - Removing front dirt guards

    I'm on AP coilovers on my MY10 8P BE 3door and it's sitting fairly low, nothing slammed. The front dirt guards that sit just in front of the jacking point (bottom of the wheel arch sill, behind the front bumper low down) are catching on speed bumps ever so slightly. Simple question really; I...
  14. rdfcpete

    RNS-E Route Selection

    Guys, with the RNS-E is it possible to select from a list of complete routes available once you've entered your destination into the nav media? E.g. Im traveling from Northampton to Basingstoke, having entered the address and I want the A43 and M40 route to be offered alongside the m1 and m25...
  15. rdfcpete

    OEM Bi-Xenon Leveling and Coilovers

    I'm running AP coilovers on my MY10 A3 BE 3door, it's sat fairly low but nothing silly (see below). Do I need to make any VCDS tweaks for the Bi-Xenon levelers to adapt to being pivoted in a lower position or will they do this automatically? Just feels sometimes like the beam pattern is a bit...
  16. rdfcpete

    Enabling LH lights (MY10 A3 BE)

    Guys, I'm fully aware of what's involved to enable the coming home and leaving home lights functionality and that you must have OEM auto lights, auto dim mirror and rain sensor pack (with a new windscreen etc...). I've spoken to a few forum members here about it across different posts and PM's...
  17. rdfcpete

    Headlight Washer Frequency (MY10 8P3 A3 BE)

    Guys, I've set the headlight washer activation frequency value in the adaptations in the CE Module to every 254 pulls of the screenwash stalk. It was spooling the HL washers much too often and I was rinsing through screen wash, as well as dirtying a clean car :no: lol. Having set the frequency...
  18. rdfcpete

    2010 A3 BE, Aux in & 2012 RNS-E

    My 2012 RNS-E LED is now fitted to my MY10 Black Edition 2.0 TDI 170 3door. It came with BOSE and Aux in from factory. Aux in worked superbly with the Symphony kit. Having fitted the RNS-E which was very easy to do, the BOSE works a treat. The Aux in function however doesn't work, perhaps...
  19. rdfcpete

    2010 A3 & RNS-E Coding

    Purchased a 2012 RNS-E LED for the A3. The car is an MY10 A3 Black Edition 2.0 TDI 170 3 door. It of course had Aux in from factory and also the standard factory fit Audi stereo for the Black Edition. The bose, MFSW and all functions work a treat with it now I've fitted it - didn't even need to...
  20. rdfcpete

    VCDS - Enabling illuminated turn signals with sidelights (MY10 A3)

    Had a quick scout around the CE module and couldn't find this, running the latest version of VCDS. I've got a March 2010 A3 BE. I was able to enable it on my MY06 MK5 Golf GTI and it gave a lovely unique look and soft glow, completing the side light look. I've seen this done on a B8 A4, but not...