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    Service campaign 90k2 warning

    Hi all, Slight warning to those of you that have the 90k2 recall done. Mine was done in January and seemed to make the service indicator work on distance rather than time. I’m pleased I picked this up as the service light wouldn’t have come on at the 2 year mark. The dealer couldn’t provide...
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    Rear door scuff plate

    Hi all, I was always surprised that my A4 Sport 8W 1.4TFSI (MY2017) has no rear door scuff plates! They don't seem to be available and I cannot find a part number. Has anyone managed to source and fit some? Any help you can give would be very much appreciated. I have attached some pictures...
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    Replacing steering wheel buttons

    Hi all, One of my big annoyances of my A4 Sport 8W 1.4TFSI (MY2017) was the lack of steering wheel buttons. I had an A3 8V before which had all the buttons I needed as standard! I've managed to get hold of: 4M0 951 523 which will replace my existing button set. Does anyone have the workshop...
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    Dealer Issues

    So, I collect my A4 Avant from the dealer on the 1st September, all looks good. Notice 2 marks on the interior plastic/chrome which look like they need wiping with a cloth. Drive away happy, realise later that the marks are actually permanent and the rear numberplate is wonky! Contact dealer...
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    VCDS Modifications

    Hi all, Starting this thread as I have just updated my VCDS to v16 so now I can talk to my B9. Interested to see what modifications people have made and how! The platform on the B9 appears to be shared with the Q7 M4 so VCDS codes may be transferable between models. David