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  1. dalespitfire

    Engine Management Light and Misfire - 2004 1.8T

    Alright chaps - been away for a while enjoying the Quattro when this morning I hit some niggles. Accelerating away from behind a turning car I noticed a light flash on the dash and some judder - at first I thought why the hell is the Traction Control kicking in, but when it did it again I...
  2. dalespitfire

    Upgrading B6 Avant Stock Sub and Amp

    Alright chaps, As per title. I want to keep a stock look to the dash so dont really want to upgrade the HU yet (unless its for RNS-E), but I would like to know whether anyone has upgraded the stock amp and sub in the rear quarter panel with a direct fit replacement? Can it even be done...
  3. dalespitfire

    Door Sill Panel Kick Plates

    Just a quickie lads. Been after some S-Line door sill trims for a while but having no luck at all and I aint paying over £200 from the dealer. I've got the chance of a set from an Rs4 for £50 but need to check a couple of things to see if anyone here knows. From what I can find on German ebay...
  4. dalespitfire

    Steering Wheel replacement

    Evening Chaps. Odd question this one but stick with me! My motor is one of the run out B6's with the full Gmbh badged S-Line kit, but none of the interior trinketry! I'm wanting to add the door sill scuff plates ideally but the scrappy down the road from me has a saloon and having an Avant I...
  5. dalespitfire

    Wheel Dilemma

    Ok, after your opinions. I've finally settled on 2 choices for wheels and have 2 irons in the fire. Question is I just cant decide so wondered what you lot thought. Either genuine 18" S4 Avus in great condition, tyres have a couple of mil for £350 delivered OR 19" New style RS4 reps that...
  6. dalespitfire

    B7 RS4 Reps - Pic Request

    Any of you guys running new style RS4 reps? After some pics of either 18" or 19" if anyone has any. Tried the usual places and searches but the number of threads containing "RS4" and "Alloys" is dizzying!! Any help appreciated:icon_thumright:
  7. dalespitfire

    Audi-Sport Espana - Show us Your Motor

    Worth a butchers - found it totally by accident Its also worth translating the A4 B6 forum page - lots of interesting stuff:icon_thumright:
  8. dalespitfire

    Wheel bolts - potentially stupid question!

    Morning lads, I'm not sure if this is a really dumb thing to ask, but I need to ask it anyway! I have 17's on my car at the mo (can be seen in seen in the link in my sig) and am hopefully going to pick up some 18" RS4 reps as replacement from ebay (ET35). But they have no bolts. Question is...
  9. dalespitfire

    Yet another photoshop request!

    Any of you photoshopping legends tweak this for me please? Looking at mirrors and door blades the same colour as the alloys please - oh and no idea if you can do this but is it possible to put a bit more of a "gloss" shine on the wheels?????:salute:
  10. dalespitfire

    Opinions on this look?

    What do you guys think to this look? Pretend its an Avant though - and the wheels are RS4's - and it has an S-Line Kit on!!:blush:
  11. dalespitfire

    LED rear lights......Hot? Or Not?

    What do you all think to these? I am very tempted but would like to see some fitted first I think (I appreciate these appear to be saloon) I also quite like the look of the Front DRL ones. I don't...
  12. dalespitfire

    Urgent alloy help please!!

    Guys, Will these fit my B6 Avant?! Auction ends in a couple of hours so any response is appreciated!!! Cheers!!
  13. dalespitfire

    "Tarting" about with the exterior....

    Whats everyones feelings on tarting about with the A4? Is it not the done thing on a "prestige" motor or is it all about personal taste and individuality. On my last 3 cars (Megane Sport, Cooper S, Panda 100HP), I've tried to make them all as individual as possible by some subtle styling...
  14. dalespitfire

    Wheel Photoshop (pretty please!)

    Guys, Another photoshop request I'm afraid.....:redface: If any of you photoshop geniuses with a spare 5 mins chop the wheels from this: Onto this: ......and raise me the ride height to normal then I would be eternally grateful!! Still umming and ahing about ****** wheels! I will make a...
  15. dalespitfire

    Aero wipers driving me mad!

    Guys, I had the wiper blades changed on my B6 1.8T as part of the MOT I had done before I bought it (Aero wipers). Ever since I have just not been able to get the passenger blade to give a clean wipe - drivers side is fine. I've tried all the adjustment I can think of at the arm, and the...
  16. dalespitfire

    Photoshop skills needed please?!

    Guys, is there anyone with photshop skills to pay the bills that can get these wheels: Onto this pic of Bubs Avant (sorry Bubs, only virtually side on similar size shot I could find!): Be much appreciated. Ta.
  17. dalespitfire

    Exhaust tips

    Guys, Have any of you just had your exhaust tips replaced rather than full systems or backboxes? I assume most people go for 100m diameter but just wondered what length of tip you had decided on with the quattro/S-Line rear Bumper? I dont want em poking too far! Cheers
  18. dalespitfire

    Bumper "lumps" LOL!

    Hi guys, Picked up the motor - not the most enjoyable run in the weather but the car drove great and I'm really chuffed. Just one thing is really bugging me and no idea how I failed to notice this until I got back! On the rear bumper there are two "lumps"!! You can see them below -they are...
  19. dalespitfire

    Price for Alloys

    Guys, I'm needing to sell the alloys that are coming on my Avant to fund purchase of new. They are 17"s from a 1.8T Quattro LE: Could do with a refurb as previous owner is (ahem) a careful lady. All the tyres are good though. Any ideas what I should be asking for these in the...
  20. dalespitfire

    Wheel opinions please?!

    Trying to decide on some wheels to go on the avant when I get it on Saturday. I've totally gone of RS4/6 new style reps as they just seem to be everywhere and I've had to just resign myself to the fact that I can't afford a quality BBS LM rep (all the ones in my range seem to be a graphite...