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  1. Baz Clark

    Tyre advice please

    Hi All, I have a 2010 A6 3.0 TDi Le Mans Quattro running the standard alloys which come with 255/35/R19 tyres. I sent my Wife to replace the 2 front tyres whilst I was away with work and she was sold some 235/35/R19's for the front. Now the car makes a rumbling noise under acceleration. I am a...
  2. Baz Clark

    Bilt Hamber stuff any good?

    my pal at work has started shouting from the roof tops about Bilt Hamber alloy cleaner, so I looked at their website and it looks like decent stuff. Does anybody on here know anything about it? Has anybody used it? What's actually comparable? Thanks folks.
  3. Baz Clark

    Just joined

    Hello fellow Audi fans. I am lucky enough to have just bought my first Audi. A 2010 A6 3.0TDi (240) Le Mans, after having grown to love the brand dearly during 4 years selling them from 2003-2007 at my local dealership. I look forward to learning some useful tips and tools regarding my new car...
  4. Baz Clark

    badge fitting

    Hi everybody, am new to this site as I've just taken delivery of my 2010 model A6 3.0TDI Quattro Le Mans Saloon. I'm thoroughly delighted with the car, and want it to be just right. It came with the model details removed from the rear (factory option) and I have bought a set to fit. I just want...