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    Wanted B7 Convertible

    Afraid not, but thanks for replying. Finding a good one is proving tricky
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    Wanted B7 Convertible

    Hi everyone, I am after a B7 A4 convertible, must be petrol and manual either 1.8t or 2.0tfsi no 3.2’s, I’ll buy on condition and history rather than mileage. I’m based in Kent, please get in touch if you have one to sell,
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    Remap...???? DONE!!!!!

    Dont worry mate, give me till end of month/beginning March and I'll be booked in..
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    Remap...???? DONE!!!!!

    Went for a ride in Daws88 car earlier, massively impressed with the gains...nice and smooth...well done Sam now I HAVE to get mine done...! cheers mate.
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    Remap...???? DONE!!!!!

    Pulls like a train now sammy boy...
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    Most expensive mini ever?!

    I work for Cummins...what you reckon on this..
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    Can-Bus sidelight bulbs 501 W5W LED

    I just bought £20 worth of 501 Led sidelights with Canbus and guess what, they don't work, comes up bulb failure. Mine is 06 plate, recommend any that will work? These are the ones I purchased, apparently they should work on my car with the bulb warning system... 501 LED Super Bright White...
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    How to clean this....

    Apparently....Peanut butter for plastic trim....
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Hi everyone, first good day of weather since picking the car up two weeks ago, so a wash and wax was in order, also decided to debadge whilst I was there, no trace they were even there now... With Badges Removed no trace of badges
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    Will it fit?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, so firstly Hello to everyone! secondly I have a symphony double din with the internal 6 cd changer,tape deck, Ipod dock and steering controls, ive seen an RNS-E NAVIGATION PLUS SYSTEM, will this be a direct replace, ie plug and play or will I need some other...
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    my a3

    Link for black grille surround.. A3 Front Grille Surround Trim - Stoke Audi Parts