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  1. LucasS3

    Beep from engine

    hi guys, got the S3 the other day, love it. But I saw a while ago a thread about the beep from the engine once off which I hear every time. Can someone point me to that thread as for the life of me I cannot find it. Cheers L
  2. LucasS3

    Good bye

    well all, I have been here for a few years and although only posting 200 times I have to say goodbye. I tried to make a post on here this evening against a childish comment from a certain mod but it was cleared twice, then receiving a personal message from said mod saying if I post again I...
  3. LucasS3

    An hour wasted

    i can honestly say Top Gear has finally lost the plot, not one car reviewed, an absolute waste of time, get these three muppets off our screens and stick Chris Harris on in place. Their egos have gone mad..... Seriously what was the point in that?
  4. LucasS3


    oh not that ****** mono pur discussion again.... Don't worry I'm not here to ask if mono.pur makes your car go faster!!! I have looked for the answer to this but I cannot find it. What is mono.pur, I mean I know what it is but why not call it extended leather or something, I am pretty sure...
  5. LucasS3


    hi all, Anyone use Instagram? I'm not one for Facebook or anything but I find Instagram rather good, and I must admit whilst waiting for my S3 I get my fix from images on there. If on there let us know so I can perv on your cars..... :)
  6. LucasS3

    S3 Roof box

    hi all, like a lot of people who order the roof rails just for looks, I am planning on actually using them and getting a roof box for trips away sailing, camping etc. I have searched but cannot find a SB S3 with one fitted, can anyone help? Also the car is going to be Sepang, so would it be...
  7. LucasS3

    electronic handbrake

    well, ordered the S3 but won't be here till April soooo long wait ahead and plenty of time to bug you all with loads of questions!!! First one is strange but for anyone with a small dog will understand. This is my first car with an electric handbrake so not used to how they work, my problem is...
  8. LucasS3

    Help! S3 or Range Rover Evoque

    hi all, not been here for a while as I sold my S3 a couple of years ago and got the wife an A1 and myself a TT black edition roadster. Anyhow I sold the TT and now getting just one car as I work from home so don't need one but the A1 is far too small for our main car. I know this is an Audi...
  9. LucasS3

    Another S3 owner on the move

    But not far still staying with the brand, I got such an amazing deal on this three month old roadster. Believe it or not from Audi Tetbury I got 2.78% APR which made it a whole lot cheaper a month than my S3 with two years free servicing, I just could not say no. And what a car I love it, some...
  10. LucasS3

    Friends and Family Scheme

    Morning all, A mate of mine is about to start at and Audi dealership, and he mentioned as a perk they can offer 5 friends or family a car at a discounted price, has anyone heard of this before and if so what sort of savings does it involve if it exists at all!! Thanks L
  11. LucasS3

    Rear Diffuser

    Hi all, I am thinking about colour coding the rear diffuser on my S3 from grey to black, has anyone done this and what does it look like? Thanks for any help with this. L
  12. LucasS3

    Kind of a Result! S3

    Hi all, Long story but the short version, I was in a car park the other week when from inside the shop I heard a crunch, looked out side to see a car pull away from mine with glass all over the floor, I went bolting out of the shop to see this "normally" great driver had reversed at some speed...
  13. LucasS3

    Bluetooth decided not to work, HELP!!!!

    Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, Here goes, you know when you jump in your car and its goes "bing" phone! Its just the norm now so use to it I kinda of don't even notice it, until about 2 days ago when I went to make a call and nope not connected. I went into my settings on my Iphone 4 to check...
  14. LucasS3

    Looked at RS3

    Went to see an RS3 in Audi Swindon yesterday which has just come in. Audi contacted me a few months back to say they had one was I interested, YES! But I didn't put deposit down as it was red with "those" wheels, so I wanted to see it first, I did and must admit stunning, but just not into red...
  15. LucasS3

    Talk me out of it!

    Afternoon All, I have been pondering on getting a new car for a few months now, I have been bouncing between a Range Rover Sport new shape 3.0tdv6 or the RS3. The reason being these two cars is quite straight forward, the missus wants me to get something I will drive a little more sensible than...
  16. LucasS3

    Bye Bye M3

    I am not really a boy racer by any means, but I do like to put certain cars in their places sometimes when they are acting the big one at the lights. I was coming home from the gym last night when at about 10ish I pulled up to the lights just down the road from me on a two lane road. Sat there...
  17. LucasS3

    The **** the RS3 should of had! Why o why Audi did you not make the RS3 look like this......
  18. LucasS3

    Floor Mats

    Morning All, Just wondering where is the best place, (apart from Audi) to get some good quality floor mats, mine are looking a little tired, I have looked on Ebay but they look tat and a little boy racer for my liking! Cheers for any help L
  19. LucasS3

    Revving on Idle

    Hi all, Don't often comment on here but use this site a hell of a lot for help and ideas, but this time I really need your help. My Car 58 S3, as of last night decided to start revving whilst on idle, I found a clip on youtube which is doing exactly what mine is, can any one shed some light...
  20. LucasS3

    Advice Needed

    Hi all, Audi Alloy Wheel Centre Cap 60mm A3,A4,A5,A6,A8 R2 S2 on eBay (end time 17-Apr-11 16:09:53 BST) Would these fit my08 S3, the ones on mine are looking tired and just wondered if these would fit, also what are your thoughts on these against the black of the car?? Cheers Luke