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    12 months of change.....................

    It started last Jan 2020, PX my MK2 TT for a MK3, then after a few months traded that for an S3 8V which was ****** fun, but killing me on fuel costs!! That went for an A3 8V only lasted a few weeks, now back in a 2017 plate TTMK3 S-line 2.0tdi. Its been a blast..................
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    Well my time didn't last long back in an A3, just missed the fun and drive of the TT. Now back in a TT MK3 S-line. Maybe next time lol.
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    TT again........may be.

    I had a MK2 TT, then a MK3 TT, then a S3 8v and now a A3 8V FL. I really miss the TT, considering getting another, even the MK2 because I think I liked that more than the MK3. Any thoughts, or am I mad lol ?? JB.
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    Facelift map updates

    Hello, Just bought a new to me A3 2.0tdi (FL) 2016 plate/2017 year S-line. I'm delighted with the car, bought from Newbury Audi with 2 years warranty etc. Nice touches compared to my old A3 8V, larger screen, Apple Car Play, different bumpers/lights, etc. It has come with 2016 maps on an SD...
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    A3 8V FL

    Hi, I'm picking up an 2016 plate, 2017 year A3 2.0tdi s-line this week. The last time I had an A3 was a 2014 model and 2015 model S3. I'm wandering what is the difference between the FL & PFL ??? Thanks.