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    I’ve gone Bi !!!

    My third Audi since joining this forum and the best one I hope 2017 3.o bi-turbo avant So happy, will be searching through upgrades and retrofits, anything that is a must, please let me know. Cheers
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    Comfort control unit

    Hey guys, I was looking at ordering some pieces from Kufatec but it recommends me needing a comfort control unit, how do I know if I need it or maybe I have it already? Cheers
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    Flappy passenger side mirror

    Hi, I just noticed this yesterday. If I drive over 30/40 mph the mirror starts flapping in all directions. The housing is secure and no damage and the mirror glass it's self seems solid to touch. I don't want to open it up just in case it is some thing simple. Cheers
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    Newbie here(to this section) MyAudi

    Hi Guys, I have been missing for a while and used post in the A4 section but I am back now as I just bought a 2013 A6 Allroad 3.o quattro. Love it so far but I have loads of questions and I hope ye will be tolerant of me. I did a fair bit of retrofitting on the A4 and found the information here...
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    Any one fancy a crack off these fault codes?

    Please?? Hi Guys and Dolls, it has been a while since I was here as I was working overseas but I got back a few weeks ago and took my car out for a good cruise and it is driving horrible and i have an esp light and amber flashing engine management light. Now I have googled, searched here and...
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    Dead spot at about 2300 rpm

    I seem to have a hesitation about 2300/2500 rpm. I ran the vagcom and got this(i only posted the engine report if it's somewhere else,let me know). Now a couple of years ago I seemed to have a similar issue and the main stealer charged me 850 euro to replace an injector and timing belt. 4...
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    Stale /musty smell from air vents

    This mainly happens with air conditioning on. And ideas please?
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    E-mfa extra DIS gauges

    Any one know if this is possible? Says not suitable for Audi but perhaps someone may have figured how to do it. E-MFA DIS Add-On - Display Boost, Oil, Battery-36810
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    VCDS for Ipad

    Is it possible? And is it dangerous to clear fault codes? If they don't return when you you rescan,does it mean that they fixed themselves or were intermittent? Sorry bit of a novice but have a touran now as well so I best learn
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    Engine management light flashing

    It has been on for a while now and I only finally fixed my vagcom(watch out for more threads :-) ) Anyways this is the report 1 Fault Found: 01441 - Low Fuel Level Sensor (G210) 30-10 - Open or Short to Plus - Intermittent Readiness: N/A I tried google but most of the info I...
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    Good VW forums

    Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend me a good vw forum,especially one as helpful as this one. I have not got rid of my Audi but I bought the missus a VW Touran and have some questions. If the moderators deem this thread inappropriate ,please delete it
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    Part no thread ....

    Why is it locked? I need a part number and now I don't know where to ask. Is it ok to try here. I'm looking for the part number for a drivers and driver's rear door lock on a b6 A4 2.5 tdi quattro
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    Xenon headlight issue

    hey guys, My xenon lights are giving me a bit of trouble . I search the forum and i cant seem to find anything on it but forgive me if I missed it . The lights are not adjusting up . I took it to main dealer and the told me that the fault was the adjustment motors .So they were changed and no...
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    dead spot on a4 2.5tdi

    hi all, a while since my last post.but im back again (coz i have a problem) Hopefully some one can shed some light for me. when driving along my a4 seems to get a slight hesitation at about 1800/2000 rpm,maybe a second or so. changed fuel filter and air flow meter ,no difference.(is doesnt...
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    problem with bt

    hi all hopefully im posting this in the right place. tonight to mobile stopped connecting to bt kit. i ran vagcom and this was report. Address 77: Telephone Labels: 8P0-862-335.LBL Part No SW: 8P0 862 335 K HW: 8P0 862 335 K Component: FSE_255x BT H26 0340 Coding: 0011222...
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    electric window problem

    hi all driving home tonight ,my electric windows and mirrors died. any sugggestions please. the lights on the switches arent working either thanks all
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    00777 accelator position sensor g79 27-10

    hi all i havent been here in a while .............every thing going well till month ago, accelerator position sensor was replaced .know a month later im getting same vagcom fault. checked ross tech but theres only fault code 00776/00778. any ideas greatly accepted regards
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    wiring harness for rnse

    hello all does anyone know wher i get a wiring harness for an rnse that includes the blue tooth plug and microphone wire thnks c:respekt:
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    bt and vagcom

    does any one out there no why my vagcom cant find my bt kit no response from controllor :respekt:
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    steering wheel functions

    hi all i have a small problem with a new mfsw retrofited volume control works fine button on the left works fine (changes radio station up and down) here comes prob mode button doesnt seem to do any thing and when u press the speak button ...speak comes up on dis and some women speaks at...