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  1. KeithJLambert

    Unusual Cracks Appeared On Windscreen

    Hi Folks, I've had my S3 since December. Whilst sat in traffic on the M25 yesterday I had a WTF moment as, seemingly from nowhere, I noticed two identical horizontal cracks at either side of my windscreen. They come from the edge and are at head height, both are exactly the same 'shape' and...
  2. KeithJLambert

    Company Car Driver Getting Quotes - NCB Question

    Hi All, I've been a company car driver for 25 years and I have been insured under the company's global policy. I've not had any accidents in the last five years but I obviously don't have a No Claims Bonus history. I'm picking up my new S3 on Saturday which will be on PCP and I need to start...
  3. KeithJLambert

    Playing Blu-Ray Audio & DVD Audio Discs

    Hi All, I haven't got my S3 yet but am I correct to assume that I'll not be able to play Blu-Ray Audio or DVD-Audio discs whilst I'm driving? I'm guessing that, as far as the car is concerned, it will simply recognise them as movies and prevent playback (?). Thanks in advance to anyone who can...