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    Facelift Retrofit armrest cup holders

    Hey all, I’ve chosen not to buy the storage pack for my new A4 as it would top me into the premium car tax bracket. Has anyone retrofitted the cup holders or do you expect this to be an easy task to get the parts and fit? It will be MY2021 saloon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift How much of the Driver Assistance pack can be enabled?

    I keep hearing on here that certain features are on the A4 but disabled in the system. I chose not to get the Driver Assistance pack as I opted for Comfort and Sound instead but I’m wondering which of the former’s features can be enabled? This would be on a 2021 A4. - Adaptive Cruise Control...
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    Different B9 versions

    Can someone clear up the following for me please. It sounds as though there have been three B9 variants; 2020, 2020 facelift and 2021 facelift. Is this correct? And if yes what exactly is the difference? I have ordered a facelift version that I assumed was 2020 facelift which meant I got touch...