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  1. Rodders.

    2.0T Oil issue engine repair cost

    Doh, I should have kept mine and made them pay!
  2. Rodders.

    One year on....

    I'm out of the audi game, shame as really nice cars....but they just cost so much to keep going, which I didn't expect from a premium brand! Back to the ford's for me.
  3. Rodders.

    Service inspection reset

    ok, this is odd. Went to change it to a 1 and it was a 1. But I set it to 0 the other day. So I tried to go to 0 then back to 1. Now its stuck on a 0. It wont go back to 1. I think its time to email Ross Tech as something is very strange!?
  4. Rodders.

    Service inspection reset

    Cheers zafi, I'll try that when I'm back home
  5. Rodders.

    Service inspection reset

    Hi all, not much response in the VCDS section and as B8 specific I thought I would post here. The service inspection had come on, but according to the service book its 1 year too early. I guess not reset properly at some stage. Anyway, I've tried loads of things to reset it and no joy. The 02...
  6. Rodders.

    Reset service interval

    I just cannot get it to go Channel 02 set to 0 and still says inspection due I've swapped between flexi and fixed and it enters a 0 into channel 2 but does nothing? ************************************************************************************************************************ Channel...
  7. Rodders.

    Reset service interval

    i was going through that yesterday, for so long the laptop battery went flat lol. I'll give it another read through, cheers. Its also for a B8
  8. Rodders.

    Reset service interval

    Hi all, Been searching through here, but cannot find the answer. My car is saying its due a service interval (not oil change) this sept. But looking through the service book, it should be next sept (2015) I cannot find how to reset it with the cable. I can do the oil, just not the service...
  9. Rodders.

    S4 Real World Mpg. What You All Getting?

    If you are worried about mpg and the cost don't buy one. If you're happy to keep filling her up, then buy one. They are great!
  10. Rodders.

    Should My Car.....

    Only really ever noticed cars saying parking lights are on. Dipped beam, nothing. Dials glow though.
  11. Rodders.

    Gearbox And Rear Differential Oil

    Yip, more money on bits.
  12. Rodders.

    Changing Manual Gearbox Oil

    Buy more, take a bottle back if not needed.
  13. Rodders.

    Thoughts On These?

    Bah, doesn't show on phone
  14. Rodders.

    Changing Manual Gearbox Oil

    Few threads on here about it. People noted improvements. Costs about 100quid to do.
  15. Rodders.

    S4 - Detailed

    That looks awsome, colour looks great. Makes my quartz grey look boring.
  16. Rodders.

    Lost My Keys

    This is why I pay £10 a year for a lost key policy on my car insurance
  17. Rodders.

    Looking into an S4 - some advice please?

    you wont be able to wait, I couldn't!
  18. Rodders.

    Looking into an S4 - some advice please?

    S tronic is great. Wouldn't want a manual s4. Actually I never want a manual car again. I managed 32mpg once, but was just a really gentle drive, really gentle.
  19. Rodders.

    Into the land of B8 S4's :)

    Sounds great. I had trouble finding the right one. I managed to get supersport seats, but had to compromise on colour. But it has everything else. Stage 2 must be crazy fast, standard is fast enough.