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  1. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 RSQ3 & Macan - Faceoff

    My philosophy, all cars are a waste of money, just some are more fun than others. Mike
  2. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 10 Digit Vehicle Code

    I have always handed over my tag to who ever is buying. A message I get from this thread is ask the sales droid to produce the full docs before agreeing to sale. IMO the tag should be present with the car. Mike
  3. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 10 Digit Vehicle Code

    Hi S3Gcn, I have a F3, my tag is all upper case letters, I don't know if that helps. Good Luck. Mike
  4. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 RSQ3 and Q3 - any common issues/faults

    I'd agree the interior plastics are probably not up to keeping with the overall finish of the car, in fact I think my 68 plate Black Edition 184 had a more acceptable interior finish, I expected a higher standard than my previous Q3. That said, one of the reasons I bought the RS was because I'm...
  5. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 Thinking about getting an RSQ3

    Hi Islealw, As one old git to another, I tend to agree with you on your comment about noisy exhausts, however the F3 Sports Exhaust is not noisy. The 5 pot burble to my ears anyway, is discernible, but could never be described as noisy, even when the revs are upped a bit. The F3 has had it's...
  6. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 Thinking about getting an RSQ3

    I have the Sport Edition registered just before lockdown in March, so far 5.5K miles. Cosmic's summary is spot on. It is a very comfortable car to drive, cornering on Highland roads (tracks really)is not it's strongest point and the 21" wheels make the ride a bit harsher and noisy. If you are...
  7. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 RSQ3

    I'd like to apply to join this illustrious club, my 71st is in a few days, however I'm retired, since the age of 58, needed more time for salmon fishing, haha. Mike
  8. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 New RSQ3 Vorsprung

    Very nice and enjoy. Mike
  9. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 PedalBox for RS Q3 (F3) 2020

    OK I see what you are after, agreed pushing the gas down and down again can produce quite a take-off even in 'D'. In the beginning my car was quite unruly, now at 3k miles it seems, at least to me, that it provides a more measured response, or perhaps I am more attuned to it's foibles. I should...
  10. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 PedalBox for RS Q3 (F3) 2020

    I've programmed my RS 1 & RS2 to provide increasing response to different aspects of performance. Dynamic in RS 2 almost snaps my neck, what is it you need to achieve ? Mike
  11. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 Advanced Key with motion sensor?

    Out of curiosity I've just tried what you want to know the answer to and it seems it does 'go to sleep' Mm learn something new about this car every time I take it out. Mike
  12. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 Advanced Key with motion sensor?

    I have a new Sport Edition, however after some advice I've always keep the key in a Faraday pouch, would you not want to do the same, then it doesn't matter if it doesn't go to sleep, or is there an implied follow on question. Mike
  13. NWHighlander

    Q3 Tips for a used Q3 quattro

    Hi Leossmith, About 4 years ago I was in a similar position, a manual driver of many years and a little apprehensive perhaps about converting when I was considering a DSG Tiguan. It took about 20mins to get comfortable with the basics of driving a DSG, ie car must be in 'P' to start the engine...
  14. NWHighlander

    Q2 Q2 booklet/handbooks folder

    Hi Sqirrelly, I took delivery of a new Q3 in March 2020, as with your observations I too have none of the above mentioned literature. I reckon the only piece of essential info is the Roadside Assistance number, 0800 699 999, all other stuff I believe can be accessed through the Owner's Area...
  15. NWHighlander

    RSQ3 Saw My First New Shape RSQ3 Today

    Hi Cosmicblue, I've just joined, perhaps we know each other from another place ? I agree with your view on the point of how good the torque is. One mph at some speed approaching a manufacturer's max of 155 is neither here nor there, it's more a case I believe of how you get there. To address...
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    New Member

    Hi Sandra, Thanks to you as well for the Welcome. Mike
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    New Member

    Hi JG, thanks for the Welcome Mike
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    New Member

    Hi tigerhonaker, thanks for your welcome. Mike
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    New Member

    Hello everybody, just joined. Mike