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    Sold Clear Out -

    Vcds sold ?
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    For Sale H&R Trak+ 2x 15mm Spacers 112 AUDI/VW/SEAT/FORD

    If the mats will fit a 5 door facelift sport hatch then I'll have them off you! Can collect I'm only otherside of scunny from you Thanks
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    BCS exhaust experience

    I have a Scorpion Res delete as picked it up cheap second hand on my facelift 7 speed with valves open all time Cold start is abit shouty compared to stock tbh but I've got used to it even after a week, obviously there's more noise and more drone but nothing annoying at all if driving normal in...
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    For Sale 19inch rs v spoke alloys for sale

    Still for sale? How much tread is left on tyres and where are you located
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    For Sale Genuine 19inch RS V-spoke alloys for sale

    Where are you located ? I have standard S3 18 inch wheels and up for a swap cheers
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    For Sale Audi S3 8v parts

    I miss the res delete ? :(
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    For Sale Audi S3 8v parts

    I'll have the res delete posted pm me for payment Thanks Mitch
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    For Sale Audi S3 8v parts

    How much for the res delete? And where are you located
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    For Sale 2 x 255/30/19 & 2 x 235/35/19 Pirelli Pzero R02

    Pm me your best price on both fronts (255's) posted to Doncaster South Yorkshire Thanks
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    Nardo Touch up Paint

    Just used a chipex kit on my Daytona S3 with great results Dunno if they do nardo It's a weird colour nardo and I imagine shows any defects up badly wether touched up or not
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    Sold FL S3 3 door for sale

    Hi could you pm me or WhatsApp me some more pics ? My friend is interested in this Also where are you located
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Wanted to do this for a while do you have the paint code for the colour match? Thanks
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    Facelift New S3 Navarra Blue owner, already on the mods

    Beaut colour ! What I wanted but got Daytona grey in the end
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    7 Speed S-tronic Service

    @creweaudiparts just confirmed for me that service interval on 7 speed S3 gearbox is 40k miles
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    Facelift Jimbob76’s Daytona Grey S3 Sportback

    Lovely car I came from a mk5gti edition 30 to a grey S3 FL sport hatch Great minds think alike and all that
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    7 Speed S-tronic Service

    Yes I found proper genuine be golf r 7.5 workshop manual online and found the same info for the 7 speed box there. I also read dunno if it was further up this thread or elsewhere that it's rumoured VW and Audi have done this to make the running costs cheaper on paper to get more fleet+hire...
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    7 Speed S-tronic Service

    So ok filling from the top Thanks for your help