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    Audi UK and Lambda Sensor

    Rather than them recovering my vehicle to diagnose, they sent out what i believe they called an Audi silver tech. Initially the AA were sent, but when the fault code reappeared they dispatched their own technician, who after disgnosing returned the following day to change the faulty part. All...
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    Hello, do the clamping screws cause any damage to the oem paddles?
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    Sportback The black wheel bolt caps..

    I purchased one single cap from Audi In Milton Keynes, so some dealers will sell less than a full set.
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    Removing RS3 grill badge

    I used a flat bladed screwdriver on the 3 side of the badge, prised the backing clip off that side only. The clip is fairly soft plastic from memory, I then eased the whole lot out with the lhs still clipped in. A new backing clip was about 3 quid from Audi so I got a back up just in case, but...
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    High mileage RS3 Query

    Least with main dealer you would get a warranty for 12 months, giving you time and peace of mind to get a feel for the car, if anything major lets go at least you wouldn't be faced with a ridiculous bill in year one. Also as the mileage is higher surely the base price reflects the miles too.
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    Wheel spacers

    Did they cause vibration or some other problem?
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    Motec ultralight wheels

    Get some details up of it all once your done with some pics as well mate. They are a great looking wheel, do they need spigot adaptors too for the hub size?
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    Facelift Suspension

    Oli, why did you move away from the Mss set up? I believe you have been running that set up for nearly two years now?