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  1. Jay_A

    Saloon gone after 9 months.

    Funnily enough i often get lower back pain in my S3. Can't get the driving position right, so interesting to read I'm not the only one. Note: I have sport seats.
  2. Jay_A

    What will be your next car?

    Depends on my work / family situation. Had my S3 11 months and only done 5400 miles as I work from home, with even less travel to clients than when I first bought the damn thing. Also considering starting a family next year, so may go for something cheaper to keep costs down.
  3. Jay_A

    S3 Petrol/Mileage

    Never got above 300 miles on a tank and rarely get more than 250 to be honest. although I've only done 5.5k miles.
  4. Jay_A

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Mate that's absolutely stunning.
  5. Jay_A

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Gave it a good clean
  6. Jay_A

    My S3 has gone some changes since i bought it

    Crikey, must go like stink:)
  7. Jay_A

    Highest mileage 8V? High milers where are you all!?

    3500 in 7 months (I work from home).
  8. Jay_A

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Gave mine a good clean today.
  9. Jay_A

    Bye bye S3

    Enjoy the new motor. Funnily enough my windows randomly rattle and it annoys the hell outta me. Is there a fix?
  10. Jay_A

    Super Sport Seats Too Firm ????

    Took me a while to get the lumber right, but no complaints regarding them being too firm.
  11. Jay_A

    My cloned S3

  12. Jay_A

    automatic or manual!

    I've driven both in the S3 and went for s-tronic. Absolutely love it.
  13. Jay_A

    First car wash gone wrong

    Had that happen to my Volvo C30. Horrible noise;)
  14. Jay_A

    S3 S-tronic issue?

    Had it happen loads of times in mine. Happens when dropping to 2nd at roundabouts with my foot off the accelerator. Kind of used to it now so give the gearbox a second or two to sort itself out before accelerating again.
  15. Jay_A

    K2jer design carbon mud flaps

    Great job!
  16. Jay_A

    tech pack without connect

    No words.....
  17. Jay_A

    S3 2016 Facelift spyshots

    New features are fine, but I wouldn't be too happy if they give it more power. Bit of a kick in the nuts to those of us who've just bought one.
  18. Jay_A

    Sat Nav Arrival Time wrong

    using my navi today and noticed the arrival time was 2 hours longer than it should be. The clock is set correct so I'm a little stumped. Any thoughts guys?
  19. Jay_A

    Sat Nav Arrival Time Wrong

    Doh my bad, thanks.