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  1. aiculedtzu

    My build thread....

    In Romania are two (one is mine) and i'm sure Andy's 360 Bhp Stage2+ S3 would have done the same. Now it is to late and it will do 12 sec only if he messes up the start :-) By the way, here is an old movie when my S3 did 13.0 on a 1/4 mile and back than it had only an exhaust and software...
  2. aiculedtzu

    My build thread....

    Andy, passenger seat and back seats are optional at Santa Pod, so low 11s / high 10s are plausible if you get a good launch :-) And at +500 Bhp and God knows how many NM's, i think he shouldn't have any problems with the launch. ;)
  3. aiculedtzu

    My build thread....

    12 seconds for the quarter mile is a time for modded K04 S3's. You should achieve 11 seconds quite easily or maybe some high 10 ;)
  4. aiculedtzu

    Anybody install a Haldex GenII Controller yet?

    Just do it and let us know how it goes :-)
  5. aiculedtzu

    2.0 TFSI HPFP Cam Lobe and Cam Follower

    First i had a KMD Pump which failed after 2.000 miles (found some petrol in the engine oil, not very good :-) Now i'm running with an APR pump which works great so far. I've changed the cam follower at 30.000 km and it looked like new. The same applies for the cam lobe. I think the Motul 300v...
  6. aiculedtzu

    Uprated Clutch

    That's what i thought too so i took it easy for around 150 miles. Oh, and i think twice before launching the car aggressively :-)
  7. aiculedtzu

    Uprated Clutch

    Jonny, did you run in your clutch ? If yes for how many miles ? Also someone i know with an EVO IX (changed 4 clutches in 10.000 miles for obvious reasons :-) ) but after the OEM clutch failed, he only changed the clutch plate without the flywheel. The new clutch failed in less than 500...
  8. aiculedtzu

    Uprated Clutch

    Like Jonny, i have a Sachs (SRE) organic clutch which runs with the OEM dual mass flywheel (also changed) and it works perfectly. What i don't like is that now the clutch pedal is much harder (at least 3 times compared to stock).
  9. aiculedtzu

    Regal VF RSS S3 Build Thread..

    Jonny, I've told you already that you have a great S3, probably the fastest 8P on this forum. But more important is that you are also a great guy and you share with us everything you do on your S3 ! Also you helped me with your excellent feedback a couple of times ( EVO MS, Sachs SRE, etc. ) !!!
  10. aiculedtzu

    From MTM Stage I to REVO Stage II...Oh my god...

    I have just looked over Superchips website and they have a Stage 2 , 3 and 4 for the 2.0 TFSI engine .
  11. aiculedtzu

    Found my next MOD !!!!!

    Actually i know this guy, he is from Romania :)
  12. aiculedtzu

    Haldex Gen 2 upgrade on (8P) S3???

    As far as i know the Haldex Gen2 unit is the same for 8P A3/S3, but the S3 has different settings (software). This is the reason why i didn't buy one yet. I'll wait for someone with an 8P S3 to give a proper review so that i won't be a guinea pig, again :)
  13. aiculedtzu

    Had a go in a S3 today - views

    As far as i know the pre face lift 8P S3 uses the same Haldex unit and settings as the face lift 8P S3. Phantom, can you post some info about what you just said ?
  14. aiculedtzu

    Had a go in a S3 today - views

    The TT-S uses the same Haldex 4x4 as the S3, so the transmission losses would be the same. Anyway, i wouldn't change a 4wd car for a 2wd car beacause traction is a big issue especially over 300 bhp. Also i want to drive my car quickly not only in a straight line form 30 mph ... (make it 50 if...
  15. aiculedtzu

    S3 2.0 TFSI Remap Poll + Problems Encountered + Rectified.

    I have a Superchips Custom Remap on my S3. VAG COM says that it has 385 PS (that's around 379 bhp) running on 100 RON fuel. Had a Wetterauer Remap before, it was good but the Superchips one is much smoother with less overboost and also more powerful. Other mods: Milltek Exhaust, APR Fuel...
  16. aiculedtzu

    Regal Autosport Vf Engineering RS/S S3

    Saw your video Jonny, very nice. :icon_thumright: Out of curiosity, how can you disconnect the Haldex ?
  17. aiculedtzu

    Regal Autosport Vf Engineering RS/S S3

    WOW, that's just stunning! The first 8P S3 i know with new turbo kit. Can't wait for your first impressions :icon_thumright: P.S. Do you use stock injectors / fuel pump ?
  18. aiculedtzu

    Revo + Milltek + Forge = RS3

    That's great Iggu, impressive results. Do you happen to know what boost you're running ?
  19. aiculedtzu

    My S3 accelerating

    Now is very hot in Romania, for example now are 38 Celsius, but as soon as it will cool down, i will put my S3 on a 4x4 Dyno and in the meantime i will make a VAG COM Dyno to see how the results compare :-) The clutch is fine so far, although i launched my car hard for at least 50 times i...