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  1. S38pkyle-ing

    Eibach Suspension Picture Thread

    You’ll have to shorten the shocks to fit the springs on surely ? So why not just replace them for better ones while your there ?
  2. S38pkyle-ing

    Audi s3 8P lowering springs

    How much are you looking to spend in total?
  3. S38pkyle-ing

    Audi s3 8P lowering springs

    You can still replace the rear springs while your there, a new set of OE ones cost me like £80. Eibach pro’s only come With front lowering springs because the car sits too high at the front compared to the rear.
  4. S38pkyle-ing

    Strange noise when turning to the right

    I’m guessing I have the exact same drama as the noise from mine is like a very deep vibration. Like you said it’s a brrrrrp brrrrrp as I’m going round long right hand bends
  5. S38pkyle-ing

    Strange noise when turning to the right

    Excuse my ignorance but do you mean the cv joint? I’ve had the same noise for months and not been able to figure out the cause.
  6. S38pkyle-ing

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Cheers mate, and Na it was a complete ball ache if I’m honest, the fitting kit they give you isn’t practical. The sides were easy to drill and secure but the centre part was a nightmare, managed eventually though. Just takes lots of brews...and swear words haha
  7. S38pkyle-ing

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    FINALLY got time to fit the Maxton splitter and put the front shocks together. Just need them and the tears fitted now.
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    RS3 Rebuild Project

    Buzzin mate :) been waiting all week for this. Enjoyed all your content so far on the vids. Keep it up laa
  9. S38pkyle-ing

    Fog light grille

    Looks good mate, do you have to get he bumper off to get the fog grills out?
  10. S38pkyle-ing

    Fog light grille

    Cheers mate, even online I can’t find anyone who have decided to design there own.
  11. S38pkyle-ing

    S3 Suspension Upgrade advice...

    If you don’t want to change the ride height at all then Eibach Pro kit springs are not for you mate. Mind you they only go on the front and drop it 20mm, which in my opinion makes the car sit how it should...i prefer it that way anyway and I’m sure a lot of others would agree. When it comes to...
  12. S38pkyle-ing

    Fog light grille

    I want to swap out the small fog light grills. I don’t like how these ones have to horizontal plastic strips running across them. I’ve found ones online that are full honeycomb design but they only fit either the 06-08 s3’s and mines a facelift one, or only fit the rs3 bumper conversion...
  13. S38pkyle-ing

    RamAir Vs Revo CAI / Induction Kit

    Revo all day mate.
  14. S38pkyle-ing

    S3 wheel Refurb

    Try platinum coatings in Manchester mate
  15. S38pkyle-ing

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Would 100% love my trims dipped in carbon like this they look sick Mate
  16. S38pkyle-ing

    Em tuning kits for rear number plate lights

    How easy is the em wiring loom to fit to a Audi s3? And has anyone got a quick guide to it? I’m guessing the wiring is all behind the trim in the boot lid
  17. S38pkyle-ing

    S3 H&R Lowering Springs Fitted, Car sits higher than before!

    Yeah I’ve got the eibach 20mm drop springs and I’ve had to send my shocks off to get shortened too
  18. S38pkyle-ing

    My S3 Build Thread

    Mate if you don’t mind me asking, did your b8’s come with those black dust boot covers ?
  19. S38pkyle-ing

    Eibach bilstein set up

    Where’s best to get dust boots for the shocks ?