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  1. alfiejts

    Speedo illumination not working

    Be aware that if you have the headlight switch set to the "Off" position, the instrument lighting comes on automatically in bright light but then goes off when the sun goes in to warn you that you have the lights turned off and need to turn them on as it goes dark.... So you will see the...
  2. alfiejts

    A5 1.8TFSI Coupe Black Edition MPG??

    Had mine since September too. 5500 miles so far and its averaged 36mpg overall since I bought it ( and that includes red-lining it at least once on nearly every commute trip....). That figure is calculated by tracking all the fuel used in a spreadsheet.... Very pleased with the engine. Its got...
  3. alfiejts

    A4 Alloys fit an A3 ....??

    Two things..... Firstly, the there's also the "bore", to take into account. You that's the size of the hole in the middle of the wheel. It's important as the wheel needs to sit tight on the hub. The a3 bore is 57.1mm but I'm not sure of the a4. If it's bigger then you can get adapters but...
  4. alfiejts

    Audi A5 Eating petrol?

    "Premium" is the standard unleaded, so that's the right fuel to use. You can't really work out your real fuel consumption without filling the tank, driving the car and then filling the tank again so that you know exactly how many miles you've driven and exactly how many gallons of fuel you've...
  5. alfiejts

    A3 Black Ed. tyres (R18): 225/40 to 225/45 for comfort?

    It may or may not help, but I know that 245/40-18s rub very badly on an A3 8P. ( I was trying my daughter's TTS winter wheels to check theyd been balanced OK by the garage.....) They ran OK with just me driving on smooth roads & motorways but four-up I had major rubbing noises from the back...
  6. alfiejts

    New set of rims for the summer ! Want to refurb

    Well the titanium wheels in the picture are l8au. I know because I had the paint mixed to that code and sprayed them myself.....
  7. alfiejts

    New set of rims for the summer ! Want to refurb

    Audi titanium paint code is L 8AU......
  8. alfiejts

    New set of rims for the summer ! Want to refurb

    My vote is Titanium (Black Edition colour) L8AU
  9. alfiejts

    Refurb colour ideas..

    Hi Andy, I got some kerbed silver wheels off eBay for my "winter tyres" and refurbed them in the Audi "black edition" titanium colour. (Actually did them myself, so they just cost a load of time and £30 for two colour match aerosols, but even if you were thinking of getting them done...
  10. alfiejts

    S5 not turning over

    More likely too be something minor such as an one of the switches that feed into the engine management software. My 2012 A5's start and stop system has been playing up and on a couple of occasions, I also got no response when I pressed my key to start the engine. They traced the issue to a...
  11. alfiejts

    Audi RS5 Photo shoot

    interesting to see the underbonnet shots.... explains why i have a lot of fresh air around my 1.8 tfsi engine bay..... :-)
  12. alfiejts

    Any one used "Drive the deal" etc to order their new car?

    I used Autobytel when I bought my A5, although they're not showing any discount on the A3 at the moment..... I can recommend them. I submitted an enquiry online and the first contact back was direct from a salesman at a nearby Audi dealership. Got a very good part exchange price and did the...
  13. alfiejts

    DSG and Longlife Servicing Questions

    I did exactly the same as Artemus suggests. I followed the official longlife service regime and let Audi change it every 18000 miles or 21 months or so and I changed the oil & filter myself (with full VW longlife spec oil) halfway inbetween. That way I got a full Audi sservice history and also...
  14. alfiejts

    Ordered the week question?

    I've just checked and whilst my car was officially "in production" when my dealer checked its status on 12th July (which coincided with the predicted build week that I was told), there are several parts on the car with a date stamp on them of 16-18th July (headlights & engine front cover...) so...
  15. alfiejts

    A5 - How long from build date to dealer?

    it was about three weeks(or maybe getting on for four) after my "build week" when my dealer rang me in August to say that the car was "in the country so they could schedule the delivery". I suspect that they will be shipped across in batches, so you could be either lucky or unlucky with how...
  16. alfiejts

    Dampness in driver footwell

    You really sure its a leak? In the current weather, all this getting in and out with wet feet is really soaking my floor mats and unless you take them out to dry (I lean them against a house radiator to dry if I feel them damp) then that will eventually soak through to the carpet underneath.....
  17. alfiejts

    After some DRL strips to go by the fogs any recommendations?

    At the time I did them, the fashion was to fit A6 LED strips into the same place, just under the bumper edge, so I just replicated the same position (although to fit the A6 strips, you had to forgo the foglights....) They would fit into the centre row of the grille just as easily. 10 LEDs from...
  18. alfiejts

    A5 Cab delivery letdown

    I'll consider myself very lucky then..... Ordered my Ibis white A5 coupe at the end of March. Was quoted a mid-June build for mid-July delivery initially, although that slipped at one point to mid-July build, mid-August delivery. Fortunately for me, it did get into the country in mid August...
  19. alfiejts

    After some DRL strips to go by the fogs any recommendations?

    I bought individual 10mm LEDs from eBay, drilled holes in the foglight surrount and fitted them from the back into the black grilles...
  20. alfiejts

    A5 coupe Black Edition question ?!

    Sorry - Not been on the forum for a while. Yes it did arrive in late August for a 1st Sept collection- basically about 4-6 weeks after the original estimate when I placed the order in late March.... We've taken A5 coupes off the company car list at work because delivery can't be predicted and...