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    Unexplained droning

    With permanent 4x4 cars as far as I know, in the situation you describe, the propshaft should be held still by the fact it's permanently connected to the front drive. So I would of thought when you turn one rear wheel the other would turn. (in the opposite direction) Alternatively if you jack...
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    Unexplained droning

    Further thoughts..... I may have been too hasty saying the behaviour turning one wheel being normal. It is for rear diff behaviour but thinking more, If yours is permanent 4x4 the prop shouldn't turn unless front wheel up also?
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    Unexplained droning

    I would expect the diff to be warm externally even hot in these current ambient temps. So it depends on your idea of 'burning hot'. The behaviour on turning one wheel is normal....if you could hold the prop still the other wheel would turn instead Usually an issue with the diff would produce...
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    Drivers window

    In that case you need a VCDS scan for further point at all in guessing, it just results in spending money unnecessarily.
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    Drivers window

    Well the global closing via the fob has proved the door module, window motor and regulator are ok so have to suspect it's the switch.
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    Audi customer service

    I've used them and enjoyed good service too. They've always given me the time to come out, look at the car and advise. On a couple of occasions, different cars, a Technician has accompanied me on test drive to diagnose/demonstrate faults. I do give them my business though. Every visit doesn't...
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    oil level/oil sensor warning

    didn't think there was an oil level sensor......maybe something has been enabled that isn't fitted
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    2005 (55) a6 avant key symbol

    this, for an A4, the explanation down the page suggests it could be a defective ignition lock.....AFAIK any warning in red needs immediate attention..
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    Buying A6 3.0tdi - identifying if it has a dpf

    early introduction of DPF on Audis had "TDV" designation in the model description....
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    Towbar Electrics (Help)

    You need to know what you have....wiring a control or trailer detection module will be completely different from wiring a bypass relay. Trailer detection modules should come with installation instructions. Bypass relays are generic and you should be able to find wiring info online.
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    Looks like a tyre company has messed up my wheel bolts

    I think the key thing is to keep the studs/bolts in an as new corrosion free condition rather than adding any kind of liberal lubrication. A sparing amount of antiseize wiped on wiped off just leaves enough residue to maintain original performance. This is inline with manufacturers...
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    Post your A6/S6. C6 Chassis Ebay, Classified and For Sale Links in here.

    Full set of New Genuine Audi rubber mats for sale here...
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    New to Audi and looking at an A6 3.0 TDi

    Initial thoughts......consider adding Le Mans to your search criteria for a nice spec and include privacy glass. You may not be a fan but at least test drive a tiptronic version before getting a manual.
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    New to Audi and looking at an A6 3.0 TDi

    hiya mate... i tried to view but the links no another to the actual ad
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    EGR / Throttle boddies / a bit of smoke

    Okay......moving on..... As FactionOne has suggested above, you can't simply blank the egr connection like you can on some older engines, the egr system is monitored and controlled via the ecu software so would need to be mapped out. The slow starting could be so many things, battery/starter...
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    EGR / Throttle boddies / a bit of smoke

    First savile now saddam, you have a weird proclivity for the most unsavoury characters!
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    EGR / Throttle boddies / a bit of smoke

    Not sure about others but I really don't feel like offering help to someone who's sick enough to use that avatar!
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    Need some A6 help folks.

    Both have the stiff s-line suspension so maybe you should be looking for an SE which has the more compliant suspension
  19. C car (to me)

    Congratulations and enjoy the new purchase. Colour sounds like oyster grey btw. :)
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    Fuel consumption C6 A6 2.0 TDi 170 ?

    that's an earlier pump injector engine, completely different to the one mentioned......