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    Best brake pads for keeping rims clean

    I have Green Stuff pads on my mini (i know its a total differnet type of car) which I drive resonable hard and they don't give off as much dust as the standard ones did
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    1.8T Sport Advice

    Hi Guys As some of you will know I've been looking at A3 TDI (8P) but as I'm currently renorvating a house with my brtoher (this is the reason I'm looking for an A3 as my current car is a classic Mini which is a 1999 special edition and I don't want to sell it nor do I want to use it...
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    F1 Season 2009

    The new scoring system is totally stupid imo it is to reward thoose cars that might be fast but unreliable (not mentioning any names) but under the proppessed system Lewis wouldn't have won the title this dispite being more consistant while Massa whos car wasn't as reliable would have how is...
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    F1 Season 2009

    I can not wait for it to go back to the BBC no more ads thank god. Please Please bring back the chain..... But before the new season I'm going to get to see Lewis at the Race of Champions!! I can not wait put him the same car a Micheal and lets have a race!!! (THat won't happen but still)
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    Yep she's had the new one a year it has to be the best car she has ever had and that includes a couple of jags!! I've asked if I can take it round a track to which she has said no chance!:sadlike:
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    What have I started now.... only joking it's good to get everyones opinions As it will be mainly used for work the DSG really does appeal. When I started looking at everyday cars I was thinking estate cars like the mondao etc but now prices are falling I think a A3 is a much better choice...
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    Queen fans

    Queen are fantastic IMHO one of the best groups ever Sadly I didn't get into their music until after Freddie died I would love to have seen them live. I love listening to them in the car although I have to be carful as I tend to get faster with the music!!!! THe new song is ok but thats all...
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    TO be honest I've never seen the point of autos (no offence to thoose who have them) especially in sports cars etc (never understood them fitting a auto box to the classic mini) I've driven one years ago beofre I passed my test on a privite road it was a Jag XJR (lovely car) I went to dip the...
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    THanks for your replies I love driving (as I own a classic Mini as me fun car (yeah I know it's not an Audi!!!) but I love driving on the country roads round here. But as it's going to be my car to get to work and the traffic is heavy on the way home it is very appealing..... Need to see what...
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    Mini John Cooper Works

    I have to say as a classic mini owner both the old (New) Cooper S and the New New Cooper S are both very cool my friend had the Gen 1 for about 3 years and has just changed it for the new shape with all the toys it is very comfy and quick. And IMO very cool especially all in black!
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    As some of you know I'm looking for A3 TDI a few I've seen adverstised have had the DSG gear box what are they like I believe they can be driven like a manual how smooth is the change etc??? And are they any good with a 2.0 TDI? Oh and did anyone else have problems getting on the forum last...
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    Found out a bit more about the white A3 the guy has moved abroad apparntley and the car is with him and the price includes delivery!! I keep looking at whats about theres a Audi speacalist not far from us TVS might go an have a look, quite happy with a older car just the price that caught me...
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    Hi Guys I am looking for a A3 TDI prefferable quattro with a bit of kit ideally the new shape although I would consider one of the later older shape ones I have a budget of about £7000 - £8000 milage isn't to much of an issue as I know Audi TDI are well built and will run for ever if they are...
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    Hi Guys Firstly I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this thread but below are the details of a campaign that is been promoted under the 'Small Cars Big Hearrts' banner (this is a group I am involved with through my Mini ownership we are a group who raise money for the Childrens...
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    HI My names Mark As you can probbaly guess from my user name I own a Mini (well 2 classic Mini's) as I now have brought a house I need a car that I can use everyday and as mom and dad have now had 3 Audi's I have finally deceided to look for a used A3 it needs to ne Deisel and Ideally a...