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  1. joe6886

    8J rims...what tyres are you running?

    235's would probably look 'right'
  2. joe6886

    8J rims...what tyres are you running?

    None that particularly show it, I'll take a pic in the daytime if I think on.
  3. joe6886

    8J rims...what tyres are you running?

    I have 225/40 18 on my 8.5 wheels. Looks good, tiny bit of a stretch but doesn't look silly.
  4. joe6886

    17" Avus wheels on a lowered S3???

    Yeah you are correct no spacers.
  5. joe6886

    My audi S3

    Love the S4 wheels, both nice looking cars in here.
  6. joe6886

    Pics of my S3

    They are 18's, no adaptors were needed. Its on Coilovers, so I don't know how low it actually is.
  7. joe6886

    Pics of my S3 Can't recommend the service enough, great place to deal with.
  8. joe6886

    Pics of my S3

    They were £500, they are replica's. Thats without tyres, then genunine BBS caps were £30.
  9. joe6886

    Are these actually Brembo's?? I think he's got it wrong..

    They may be made by Brembo, but they aren't the traditional Brembo 4 pots.
  10. joe6886

    Pics of my S3

    Not much as I bought an S3 to stay standard, it came with KW Coilovers already on it then I had some money burning a hole in my pocket so fancied a new set of wheels. Aero blade all round, then the rest just spent on servicing/maintenance.
  11. joe6886

    Pics of my S3

    Not posted pics up of my S3 since I got my new wheels, thought I would put some up for you to look at.
  12. joe6886

    To Coil-over or not to Coil-over ??

    Mine is pretty low on Coilovers, just beware that the sump is pretty low so you need to take it easy on bumpy roads/speed bumps. They were on it when I bought the car so can't really comment whether its worth changing from what you have other than you can obviously get a bit lower.
  13. joe6886

    Changing haldex oil and filter

    I do yeah, but you could do it on your back if you wanted. Get the car as high up as possible and I don't see why you couldn't.
  14. joe6886

    Changing haldex oil and filter Its pretty easy, I did my own.
  15. joe6886

    Accident - Please Read

    Probably the Wheel bearing gone ****** and dropped off.
  16. joe6886

    has anyone tried this...

    You could probably wire it into the stereo somehow so you get a switch live so it goes off with the stereo when you pull the key out?
  17. joe6886

    Nice seats - S3

    Saw that on there a couple of weeks ago, never noticed the seats though. Looks nice.
  18. joe6886

    Rear diff noisy.

    Yeah its defo the rear diff. The tyres are fine, they are being changed on the weekend so if it is them the problem should be eliminated if it is them. Its just like a whining noise as you ease off the gas. I know the Haldex is a seperate system, so yeah i'll look into changing the diff oil...