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  1. olds_kool

    tqs budget track day car

    hello, been a long time since ive posted anything on here so I thought id show what ive been up to owned this car a while now and don't want to part with it so inspired by a few builds on here I thought track day car first thing to do was a novice track day only real preparation was...
  2. olds_kool

    jack pads price

    hi could you give me a price for the following 8N0-804-583 8N0-803-855 cheers kev
  3. olds_kool

    Tqs exhaust diameter

    Morning all Does any one know the diameter of the standard tqs exhaust or even better the part number for the back box joiner sleeve Mine disintegrated on the way to work this morning need to sort it ASAP Cheers
  4. olds_kool

    icm delete?

    anyone done this? saw a few guides a while ago and skimming through them thought that looks hard and didnt fully understand why they were doing it but since having a few hesitation issues i thought id look into it and it actually seems quite straight forward, its only really moving a wire from...
  5. olds_kool

    s4 bumper / skirt mounts price

    hi, could i get prices for the following rear bumper mounts 8D0 807 483, 8D0 807 484 side skirt mounts 8D0 853 923, 8D0 853 924 cheers kev
  6. olds_kool

    my avant

    just thought id share some info and pics of my new avant had to buy a replacement for my old v6 tdi in a hurry after a bit of an incident involving a bus (my own fault, momentary lapse in concentration) as luck would have it not much choice at the time so we ended up driving from stoke to the...
  7. olds_kool

    pfl s4 brake pads

    my car developed a mettalic rattle on the way home which turned out to be one of the outer pads had disintegrated and left the backing plate rattling around i need some new pads asap!!, i want some decent fast road stuff but all i can find is yellow stuff to fit my pre facelift s4 brakes are...
  8. olds_kool

    ecu differences?

    hi all im using my tdi a bit more for commuting, 23 miles of nice B roads but want a little bit more oomph for overtaking, found a company that will chip it fairly cheap if i post them my ecu (im quite happy with a generic map, thats what i did with my last and current 1.8t) anyway with it...
  9. olds_kool

    1.8t downpipe ?

    hi all does any one know if a 1.8t fwd downpipe will fit a 1.8t quattro mrs took the car today and came back with it sounding like a rally car, the flexi joint been slightly blowing for a while so pretty sure thats the problem ive got a couple of spare fwd downpipes in good nick so im...
  10. olds_kool

    painting interior trim?

    hi folks after years of searching for double din centre console conversion parts ive come across some at a reasonable price only trouble is its in light grey and my interior is dark grey has any one had good results in painting this type of plastic, if so what did you use? cheers kev
  11. olds_kool

    tyre wear

    spent the morning fitting my new 312mm discs on my avant when i took the wheels off i noticed both tyres are worn on the inside, one side quite badly took down the road to get the tracking checked, they reckoned it was spot on and put the wear down to the car being lowered and knocking camber...
  12. olds_kool

    rear wiper motor

    i dont suppose anyone has got a knackered old wiper motor im just after the squirter nozzle from the end, took mine off to clear it and ended up losing it so if anyones got one lying about i'd be very gratefull
  13. olds_kool

    s3 brakes on a4 ?

    does anyone know are the caliper carriers the same on an s3 as a tt and would the calipers fit with b6 a4 312mm discs cheers
  14. olds_kool

    f.a.o aragorn

    clear some pm's matey wont let me send details as youve exceeded quota kev
  15. olds_kool

    s4 bumper on a4

    just got hold of an s4 front bumper not sure what year its from, is there such a thing as facelift front bumper? does is it just bolt straight on to my a4 facelift and how do you connect lamp washers, they seem to have garden hose size connections will have a go tommorrow but any...
  16. olds_kool

    maf and lambda price

    hi, could you give a price for maf and lambda for a 99 1.8tqs ajl engine are exchange maf's available for these? also just out of interest whats list price for rs4 grill 8d0 853 651t oh one last thing ordered some fixings a while back and was told there on back order, guessing there...
  17. olds_kool

    will an aeb head fit apu engine?

    is there much difference? reason i ask is i sold an apu head on ebay, sent by courier then it was tracked as refused by collection address and returned to sender, that was 3 weeks ago and courier now says they dont know where it is ive lost slip collection driver left and apparently cant make...
  18. olds_kool

    snapped bonnet cable!!!!!

    just went to pull bonnet release on my new fixer upper and it went slack either snapped or i didnt refit properly how the hell do you open bonnet now couldve been worse car had an rs4 grill on it which i'd took off so at least i wont have to wreck that, i can see screws but dont think i can get...
  19. olds_kool

    coolant sludge??

    bought another cheap a4 1.8t, dodgy bodywork and oil light flashing after about 1/2 hours driving following byzans thread from a few weeks ago i managed to change oil pump (hardest part was cleaning sump out!) anyway when i pulled off top radiator hose a brown sludge came out (looked exactly...
  20. olds_kool

    free panels

    just about finished with my breaker but still got all the panels (except front bumper and tailgate) facelift avant in light silver met. any/all free to a good home if you can collect be quick as it will be going soon and id rather they went to someone who needs them also got a black...