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    Parking brake malfunction warning

    I've had this warning come up on my car as soon as i turn the ignition on for over a year but the brake itself functions perfectly. Now I've got to look at sorting it due to the new Mot rules. Anyone got any ideas? Both motors work, brake holds no problem but still getting the error
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    Front wings rusting

    Hi all I remember a while back people posting up about fitting a part from the b8.5 to b8s to help reduce the likelyhood of damage from stone chips causing rust on the wings. My front wings are pretty rotten now so will probably look at replacing them next year, would like to fit the part from...
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    S4 Missfire on cylinder 1, 2 & 3?

    As per the title, my car has developed a missfire on cylinder 1, 2 & 3 (all of bank 1) I've been running a dtuk box which I've now disconnected (haven't driven it since, that's tomorrow's job) any ideas what could be causing this if it wasn't the box?
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    Reasonably cheap Carbon splitter (S4/S-line) I know some people are a bit wary of ordering bits from China but I thought I would take the plunge. It turned up today completely un-damaged and looks awesome! Will hopefully fit it to the car tomorrow. Looks to be fibreglass with carbon over...
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    Audi Driver International

    This show is pretty local for those of us in the South West, I'll be driving up from Plymouth. Last year was my first time and it was a good day! Plenty to see with track action all day
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    S4 Brakes squealing

    Hi guys, replaced my stoppers last week (all pagid parts), haven't upgraded yet unfortunately. But the squeal from my fronts are horrendous, apparently a common issue for these cars and audis line is the brakes need to be warm to reduce the squealing. Does anyone know if swapping the pagid pads...
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    Attendee list Edition 38 2017

    Who's going then? I saw a few cars i recognize from here last year. Making the 500 mile round trip again this year.
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    S4 Oil leak, what is this part?

    Hi guys, does anyone know what this part is (circled in red)? Popped up my mates unit to have a look at my car last night and noticed a patch of oil on the ground, turns out i have quite a steady drip coming from the under side of this part. It is a little releiving because i thought my car was...
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    SW section meet @ Exeter Services

    Either Saturday the 25th, or Sunday the 26th of March depending on what day we can get the best numbers for. Anyone up for it? Can check out each other's cars, put some names to faces and grab a coffee.
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    South West Dubs Mega Meet - Exeter Services 5th Feburary

    Hi all, a bit short notice on this one but there is a large meet at Exeter Services on the 5th of Feb, it's a bit of a "boy racer carpark meet" but usually get some very nice cars turn up and attendance is usually brilliant. I'll post the full details later Usually we all meet at Exeter...
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    What Parts Do You Wish Were Available For Your B8?

    Anyone got any wishes for bits they want for their car that are not readily available? Personally i'd like a better selection of front splitters. I really want a carbon STVBEK but they are ridiculously priced so holding back for the moment. Also on the S4 engine bay i wouldn't mind a plate to...
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    Automatic Boot Opening (Avant) Retrofit

    Has anyone ever done this successfully via upgrading the struts/springs and not making it open violently? I've seen people have managed to do it on b7s but not managed to find any info on if it's been done on a B8.
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    Air con making the dash rattle?

    When i flick my air con or front de-mister on im getting a annoying rattle from the front vent on top of the dash, almost sounds like something is flapping about in there? is it easy enough to pull this vent out or does the whole dash have to come out?
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    Audi Driver International 15/10/2016

    I'll be in attendance, anyone else going?
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    B8 Big brakes thread?

    Anyone reckon it's worth doing a stickied brakes thread for the B8? i used the guide in the 8L section quite a bit and am now thinking of looking into a bbk for my s4. I know there's a lot of options for these (rs upgrade, lambo brakes, forge, brembos, q5 brembos) but dont really know much about...
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    Edition 38 2016

    Any ASN members heading up to edition this year? I should be heading up with quite a large group from the SW, think i may be the only one in a audi though.
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    Paddle Extensions that fit?

    Has anyone had any luck buying paddle extensions for their s4 that fit? I ordered these recently but they didn't fit very well on to the stock paddle, and looked pretty cheap and nasty
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    Anyone know the rough cost of a seat reupholster?

    My missus got into the car in a sequined dress earlier, put some nice deep scrapes on the silk nappa super sport seats :( nice birthday present! Probably going to have to be a reupholster job but have no idea on costs, anyone had anything like it done before? I was going to look into having the...
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    Dubshack Take-Hoe-Ver

    If anyone is in Plymouth over the weekend pop up on to the hoe on Sunday, there's a VAG group car show on the paradeground up there, i'll be up there with my S4 on the Shedwerx stand, pop over and say hi!
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    ECS Carbon intake

    Has anyone got a video of their s4 running this intake? Im struggling to choose between this or the roc-euro intake. ECS obviously looks a lot better, but haven't been able to find a good video of how it sounds.