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  1. B5NUT

    S2 Coupe restore thread.

    For many many years I've been wanting an S2 coupe, I had a standard Coupe 2.6E about 15 years ago but only kept it for 3 months. I also had a test drive in an S2 about 16 years ago and I so wish I had a bought one back then. Anyway over the last year I've been thinking about getting one, but...
  2. B5NUT

    Sold Audi TT MK1 BBS split rim Rs2 Alloys with Tyres

    I will be taking these off my car in the next few week. Overall they are in good condition with continental 225/40 R18 92W Extra load tyres with plenty of tread on them. (6mm front & 7mm rear) Information on the wheel shows KBA44404 8Jx18H2 and are marked "Germany BBS" Wheels will be available...
  3. B5NUT

    Looking for a S2 Coupe in Laser Red

    I'm in the market for an S2 Coupe, must be in laser red and a 95/96 model with the 6 speed gearbox. Anyone know of a car for sale please let me know.
  4. B5NUT

    Google maps are back

    Not sure if anyone has noticed but I saw a few posts today about Google maps returning, and just been out to checked and it's working fine.. Anyone found there google overlay is working again.
  5. B5NUT

    Car mats wanted

    Anyone purchased any recently, and would recommend. looking for some good quality ones that have the fitting holes. Many sellers on ebay etc just unsure how good they are.
  6. B5NUT

    Audi A4 restoration-rebuild thread

    So, figured I would do yet another rebuild thread. This one is for my 1996 Audi A4 with a 1.8 ADR engine. So for people wondering why I’m chucking a shed load of money at this somewhat worthless car, here is the answer. It’s basically the time I’ve had it and the memory’s it holds. I got the car...
  7. B5NUT

    Cleaning a headlining

    I'm working on my old A4 at the moment and want to clean the headlining, it's been removed from the car as I needed to do some work on the sunroof. So what would be the best way to clean it, with the only caveat being it's 25 years old so I need to be careful with what I clean it with.
  8. B5NUT

    Anyone on the forum with a 1.8 ADR or 1.8AEB A4 front wheel drive

    Anyone on the forum still have one of these? Need some high res pictures of the engine bay area and the area around the fuel filter. Ideally the ADR (non turbo) is the car I'm looking for.
  9. B5NUT

    Help with parts

    Currently restoring my old 1996 Audi A4 and a few weeks back I stripped the rear brakes as they were shot and the hole lot needed replacing. However I chucked a couple of parts away that Audi no longer sell. So I'm after these washers. The Audi part number is 431501219 and they stopped making...
  10. B5NUT

    Wanted Wanted A4 B5 saloon 1.8 petrol ADR parts (1996)

    Currently restoring my old A4 and looking for new (old stock) parts. Don't really have a list of what I need as I'm restoring the entire car, so engine parts, interior trim, exterior trim nuts/bolts, etc. If you have anything let me know. Car is a front wheel drive petrol so don't need any...
  11. B5NUT

    Clean up the sales section

    Any chance the sales section could be cleaned up, there are post going 8 back years and people asking the items are still for sale. Auto delete after 12 months would be good.:icon thumright:
  12. B5NUT

    Loose locking wheel nut unacceptable after a Audi dealer repair?

    So about 8 weeks ago the Mrs A3 went it for repair and it needed new top mounts under warranty. Now I've just been doing a bit of a tidy up of the arches so had to take the wheels off. The drivers side bolts were so tight I needed a breaker bar to remove them and the other side were just about...
  13. B5NUT

    A3 restoration thread. A bit picture heavy

    So, a few months back I found the old man’s A3 looking very sad & neglected on the back of his drive, asked him what wrong with the car, and it was mainly broken springs (x2) and 3 out of the 4 shocks were leaking. Also, the car needed a full service, which I found out later on included the...
  14. B5NUT

    2010 2.0TDI A5 very heavy steering

    Currently working on an A5, just giving it a major service & fixing a few faults and giving the car a bit of a spit & polish as it were. So I have driven the car for the first time today and the steering is very heavy, to the point where I feel it would be uncomfortable to drive around town, for...
  15. B5NUT

    How to remove dog hairs

    Need some help with this one, I'm trying to get rid of lots of dog hars in the boot of an A3, but the hover is not really making a dent in the job, would be their for hours may be days... There has to be an easier way
  16. B5NUT

    A6 C8 section

    With the car now release any chance of a C8 section for the A6
  17. B5NUT

    Fixed Amazon links not working

    Links to amazon are not work for some reason. This is what is posted but nothing appears. The forum software appears to have convered the link to this
  18. B5NUT

    Drivers window does not drop when the door is opened from the inside

    I currently have an A5 Sportback and sometimes when I open the drivers door from the inside the window does not drop making it almost impossible to close the door, unless you switch the car back on a roll the window down close the door and then up again. Anyone have this issue before, is it a...
  19. B5NUT

    Facelift Tyre specifications for 18" standard sline alloys

    Can someone give me the tyre specifications for the standard 18" alloy wheel, I know it's 225/40 R18 but would be good to know the other values speed rating, load rating & extra load etc. Would do this myself but don't have the car as yet it's stuck in Emden!
  20. B5NUT

    Facelift Which fuel v-power or regular (Yet Another fuel thread)

    So it's been almost 10 years since my last petrol engine, and thinking about what fuel to chuck in it. Now on my diesels I use v-power as it's a far cleaner fuel, I get much less soot out the back-end compared to normal shell fuel, I know this 100% as I don't need to clean the pipes or the rear...