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  1. kev.s

    Paint spec

    posted here as i've no idea where it's preferred. Wondering if anyone would have the specification (or know where to locate it) for Audi paint, in particular their standard for quality checks, average DFT coverage. I've tried to locate online but no much luck thanks
  2. kev.s

    Cycle racks (roof mounted) correct positioning

    has anyone fitted cyle racks to their avant? wonder if you could post a photo for them, both sides of car, i have mine fitted but pretty sure Audi fitted them incorrectly
  3. kev.s

    Orange Peel

    Anyone noticed this on their car? I've reported it to Audi but they request hi-res images now. Basically it'll be another battle with them. I wondered if anyone had been down this route and what the outcome was. Their paint finish is pretty poor, they obviously have no tolerances as their DFT...
  4. kev.s

    rattling bezel & passenger door

    Anyone else suffering form a rattling clock bezel and passenger door trim?
  5. kev.s

    New A4 launch

    was at the new A4 launch in Aberdeen yesterday, not a bad looking motor... free bar too, pity i was driving!!
  6. kev.s

    Emmisions saga - warning if MOT is due

    My mate has just had his MOT done on his A4 (2011) MOT tester came to him and told him the EGV was faulty and required replacement. When he challenged the tester on if this is part of the emissions issue he said it was his findings. Mate said there was no advisory previously and that he would...
  7. kev.s

    Ignition Failure Error

    Well, new (replacement after rejecting last one) car 2k miles in and it's thrown up ignition failure error, taken to audi to find there are 12 faults logged with a potential of 36 possibilities per fault... booked in Monday.. :(
  8. kev.s

    Built in DVDs

    looking for someone to supply/fit DVD player to the rear headrests of A4, stop the grandkids fighting on road trips. - in Aberdeen area any suggestions?
  9. kev.s

    A3 Brake discs & pads

    My son has a 2012 A3 black edition diesel, he's planning on fitting new front discs & pads & rear pads, any recommendations? he was thinking perhaps grooved/drilled fronts.
  10. kev.s

    VCDS Required - Aberdeen

    Is VCDS available on 2015 model? looking for a few things to be done, happy to pay for the service.
  11. kev.s

    How long before they notice??

    possibly audis best offer?
  12. kev.s

    Rejected my car - faulty

    very very long story short.... order new car last year A4 Avant black edition, arrived new in Nov 14, there ends the good part of the story. since then, the car has been in and out of the dealer due to cutting out randomly, this was the main issue and reason for rejection. I've had every...
  13. kev.s

    Audi colours

    Anyone seen the light sky/baby blue colour from audi? saw this today on a RS4, looks nice indeed, loving it as it's so different. Wondered if this is a standard audi solid colour, mind you could be an aftermarket option.
  14. kev.s

    Media Read Capacity

    Is the HDD system SD card slots limited to a read file type or capacity limited? I've a 64gb card with mp3 on, system won't read, changed files to FAT32, system won't read, changed again to mp4 (apple, system won't read. Reformatted card to 16gb and system still won't read. anyone advise?
  15. kev.s

    Sat-Nav version

    Anyone know how i can source the sat nav version loaded in my system? 64 plate black edition HDD MMI.
  16. kev.s

    New A4 issues

    picked up my new (64)A4 avant Black edition a couple weeks back, few issues with it and wondered if anyone had experienced the same or similar. Indicators not cancelling out. DAB radio pulsating - like volume being turning low then high Windows continually condensates, unless blower on full...
  17. kev.s

    Oil sensor faulty

    Just had the oil sensor warning light come on as faulty, 2013 a4 2.0 diesel avant 177, thought I'd check the oil, where the hell is the dipstick??? anyone had this experience before?
  18. kev.s

    Audi Europe

    Anyone have a contact for audi Europe? email or phone, getting nowhere with audi UK
  19. kev.s

    retro fitting LED tail lights

    anyone done this to their A4? looking to do this to my 2008 s-line, any advice? where is best to buy, without the huge price tag? was going to try a breakers also, would there be a part no/description to get the LEDs from genuine A4. also been told these need to be "recoded" when fitted, what...
  20. kev.s

    DVD install

    Anyone have a DVD iinstall in their A4 (B8)? screens in the rear head rests. i'm interested in this but would like some info, price/time for instal/brands etc. any pitfalls too. pics if poss too. :D