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  1. L1ARR

    For Sale Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Hi, Are these still for sale?
  2. L1ARR

    Facelift Intake upgrade without a map?

    I am kinda in the same situation as yourself here. My understanding is these upgrades like intercooler, air filter, turbo down pipe etc will enhance and perform better with a map. The cost versus benefits from a gains prospective will be marginal if anything noticeable. There might be some...
  3. L1ARR

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    My Glacier White after some detail loving in different light.
  4. L1ARR

    Simply Audi Beaulieu - 1st August 2021

    I am interested, happy to purchase a ticket. Might have another Audi for the stand if you are interested.
  5. L1ARR

    VCDS iOS as a full alternative to Windows

    What did you need to download for this ? Thanks
  6. L1ARR

    For Sale S3 8V OEM PARTS

    Do you have the Gloss Black steering wheel trim part for sale by chance? No Controls needed
  7. L1ARR

    Facelift Urus Paddles and Wheel buttons.

    Loving this Sean. Have just bought a spare wheel to do exactly this am currently having it recovered in Alcantara + the airbag cover. It seems there have been massive development from companies with these buttons over the past year or so. Been checking out these paddles and there are a lot...
  8. L1ARR

    Facelift Dent Removal Recommendations

    Thanks kindly for the response. I have been trying to contact Harvi for the past 2 weeks but he seems to have dropped off the grid, I hope all is ok with him.
  9. L1ARR

    Genuine Audi RS3 FL Black Badge Set x4

    Sent a DM re these. Cheers
  10. L1ARR

    Facelift Dent Removal Recommendations

    I am shocked that there are no recommendations for a dent removal service. Are people simply leaving dents in their pride and joys nowadays?
  11. L1ARR

    Facelift Dent Removal Recommendations

    I am looking for a dent removal specialist in South London. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. L1ARR

    Alcantara Upgrades

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am looking at having the centre arm rest, gear gator, recovering the steering wheel and airbag. Looking to keep the original Audi grey, not looking for anything ott but just decent workmanship at a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Thanks Rich
  13. L1ARR

    Alcantara Upgrades

    Hi All, Am thinking about have a few pieces of trim covered in Alcantara. Can anyone recommend a decent trimmer who is sensibly priced, any pointers based on experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. L1ARR

    Sold Autostyle RS Logo carpet Mats 8v SportBack

    I will have these, would you accept an offer for £45 + p&p.
  15. L1ARR

    Selling up

    If anyone with a Nardo FL is considering selling up a close friend of mine is on the hunt for one. Looking for a decent spec in good condition, don't hesitate to reach out.
  16. L1ARR

    Wanted Audi Roof Box and Bike Racks

    I am not desperate but am on the hunt for Genuine Audi roof mounted Bike racks (upto 4) and a Genuine Piano Black roof box ideally 300L. No roof bars required as I already have these. If anyone has any of these lying around please don't hesitate to message me. Cheers
  17. L1ARR

    Good deal on tyres

    As a heads up the Costco Michelin tyre deal will be starting agin this week.
  18. L1ARR

    Sportback Michellin ps4s?

    I can't get Goodyear Super Sports anywhere, seems I would be waiting 12 + weeks due to coved and the stopping of production. Have gone for a set of 235 squares PS4s, they are being fitted on Wed and I managed to get £100 off. Gives me a fitted price of £125 per tyre, result.