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    Considering S4 Avant as a dad wagon

    So, im contemplating chopping in my B8.5 saloon for an B8.5 S4 Avant now we have our first born.... Did consider a 3.0 TDi Avant but in my opinion diesel cars in the near future are going to be very hard to re-sell so going petrol seems logical, and buying a slow one well just no. I do alot of...
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    Heated washer jets?

    Do B8.5's have these as standard? They were standard fit on my old B7 but unless im a spastic, im quite sure the 8.5's, or atleast mine, doesnt have them?
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    LeMans 2019

    Anyone else going? Got myself all booked up for the ferry crossings last night...
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    Window tints problem

    Right so, took car in today (2014 A4 Black Ed) to have rear windows tinted to a place thats has been doing it for years... Turns out they cant do them because the rear screen is wrong type of glass with slightly raised demister strips that cause loads of bubbling?? Apparently a common thing on...
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    B&O speaker crackle

    So last few days one of the speakers has randomly started crackling/ popping ig theres a decent amount of bass put throught it. Using the front/rear & left/right faders Ive narrowed it down the main speaker in front passenger door. It has Audi concert headunit with B&O surround. Does it when...
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    2.0 TDi aftermarket air filters.

    Considering chucking a panel filter into my 2.0 TDi (170hp B8.5 Quattro) and getting a remap. Whats the options for filters as a quick ebay search brings up B8 stuff, im not totally sure if there the same as a B8.5 filter. I guess they will be but can anyone confirm? Edit: whilst im at it lol...
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    B8.5 No MMI to 3G High conversion

    My black edition 8.5 has no the MMI B&O audio factory setup. Looking to up spec it a little. Anyone ever done this? Short of getting all the parts together, how much of a ballache is this to do?
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    B8.5 rear armrest cup holders.

    Does anyone know if the Golf/Passat flip out type cup holders (loads on ebay) will fit directly into the Audi armrest or is it a case of buying a whole new rear arm rest assembly with cup holders & fitting that instead.
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    Looking to get a 3.0 TDi

    Right so, after putting nearly 70k miles onto my B7 2.0 TDi over the last 3 years Im considering chopping it in for a B8 3.0 TDi Avant. They worth there salt or are they just mostly a money pit of problems? The running cost, insurance blah blah not bothered about. I just dont have the time for...
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    Weekend in Hockenheim - DTM

    So me & Mrs CarbonMike spent a lovely weekend in Heidelberg & popped over to Hockenheim for this weekends DTM opening race.... Audi took P1 & P3 in race 1 (aswell as a win at the WEC 6hrs of Spa too!) But failed to get a podium on race 2 on Sunday :( After flying HappyShopperAir into...
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    Terraclean done but still overboost fault

    Had a terraclean done today in attempt to cure an overboost issue on a 2.0 TDi BRE engine, had a mityvac on the actuator an all seems good there and also the vac diaphragm seems all good. Had a diagnostic check on the car before & after an all was good there also. Now overboost occurs around...
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    VNT fix on 2.0TDi

    Righty oh, appears the VNT veins on my BRE 2.0TDi are sticking when nearing 3k rpm... So this Mr Muscle fix larky, tried it & it didnt do much. However is there any easier acess into the hot side of the turbo other then trying to blinding get a flexi pipe into it or removing the whole charger?
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    Swapping Concert speakers for BOSE

    Am looking are swapping out all 5 Symphony/Concert (what ever fricken audio ive got in mine?!) speakers with used BOSE gear. Is it just a simple unplug old replace with BOSE unit an done jobby or is it a VCDS mess about? Will also be fitting the BOSE amp too
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    Interior lights control unit - location

    Evening all, im trying to track down the location of the relay/main control unit for the interior lights. All mine are dead, all bulbs & fuses are fine.... Is it in the drivers door or a relay in the fusebox as everything on google is very vague when it comes to a location.
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    B5 track car

    Right, i know nothing at all about B5's so which engine package would be suited for a super light weight quattro track car. Did consider an S4 but thats a lot of weight forward of the front axle... Building the car isnt a problem at all. Neither is grp & carbon panels/aerokit... the issue is...
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    Corrosion Warranty Debacle

    Long story short, the claim has been going on a little over 4 months now, with the car being put into a VAG approved bodyshop on November 5. 2 courtesy cars & 20+ phone calls to the dealer, the bodyshop & the independant paint inspection people/company later i get a voicemail today saying Audi...
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    Interior lights kaput

    In the 2 & half years ive owned this B7 the interior lights have never worked, all bulbs are fine, totally standard no LEDs but theyve just never worked. I dont have car with me as its STILL in a bodyshop having corrosion repair (2 months now!) & i certainly dont have lots of spare time either...
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    I know we're alleged adults here, however the inner child always prevails & does anyone else have a substanial collect of lego? Be it an investment or for your kids etc. Being nearly 30 i do get rather odd looks when shopping for it but hey ho, anyway i have a fair old amount both built & also...
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    De chroming

    Howdo guys, other then vynl wrapping anyone any other suggestions about de chroming?
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    Evening all

    Howdo all, I'm Mike an new here. Had a 2007 B7 A4 SLine TDi for about 2 years now, which is currently in pieces having corrosion repair warranty work done to the roof & roof rails, what a **** storm! Claim has been going on nearly 4 months now after Audi UK told me theyll do me a favour & only...