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  1. daytonamart

    Wanted Daytona C7 Avant Black Edition manual

    Big ask, but if anyone is thinking of selling I'm after one. Only stipulations are must be diesel, facelift, smoke and pet free with twin arm alloys not rotors.
  2. daytonamart

    OSF Suspension Issue

    Well after nearly three years of trouble free motoring my old bus has slumped in one corner. It looks like a shock has given up the ghost. It's been sat for about 3 weeks not moving, not sure if this is relevant. Not really a fan of the slammed look. Anyone fancy a punt at what's happened...
  3. daytonamart

    Sold Ash tray and touch up paint

    Just a couple of bits and pieces. Ash tray, never used superb condition. £20 delivered via guaranteed delivery. Two touch up paints both with the lacquer. One Floret silver 80% full. One Brilliant black 100% full. £7 each delivered via guaranteed delivery. Any questions please ask. Mart.
  4. daytonamart

    Headlight Restoration

    So my headlights were starting to oxidise and I'd seen a few restoration kits on the market, after a bit of research I plumped for the Meguiars version. It's quite simple to use, basically various grades of wet sanding followed by a polish with a wooly pad and my drill. I'm happy with the...
  5. daytonamart

    Detailed The Engine Bay

    Trying to keep busy so I thought I'd tackle the engine bay. It wasn't too bad to start with but after I lifted the black plastic around the bottom of the windscreen it was a different story. A lot of debris from the Autumn had got stuck in there without me knowing. Gave it a good clean out...
  6. daytonamart

    Sold CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger

    Brand new in box. Never been used, still attached to cardboard tray. £50.00 including secure signed for delivery. Any question please ask.
  7. daytonamart

    Diesel renaissance?

    So there I am reading the latest copy of CAR magazine, the BMW E drive looks good at 40k mild electric and returning an average of 34 mpg, 34! I then go out on a trip in my 2.0 TDI Avant smoker, wifey and a couple of weekend bags. We do 90 miles and on the way back I check the efficiency, 56.4...
  8. daytonamart

    Retaining Water After Washing/Rain

    Hi Chaps, I have noticed that after cleaning the car water is retained in the engine area. I noticed this on Saturday as after cleaning I always go for a drive to dry the brakes of and a lot of water was released when going round corners. After the rain at the weekend again the water has...
  9. daytonamart

    Got myself a lovely Smoker!

    I have just picked up a A6 C6 2.0 TDi as a third car smoker. The idea is to run it as a "do it all" car that I 'm not so precious about as my A5 or Wifeys A1. So far it's been loaded with stone chippings and wood with the seats down, I love the boot!!! I picked it up for 4k with 117k on...
  10. daytonamart

    Puddle Lights A1

    Hi all, Wifey has an A1 and she has seen the puddle lights when we went to snoop around the new RS4 at the weekend. Does anyone know if the rings are available to fit to an A1? any help appreciated. Mart.
  11. daytonamart

    12k Miles No Ad Blue Yet?

    Hi Chaps, I'm 12k in and over a year since new and no sign of the Adblue warning yet. Is this normal? Cheers in advance, Mart.
  12. daytonamart

    A6 Avant BE Spacers

    Hi Chaps, Has anyone put spacers on their car? There appears to be potential for maybe 15-20mm at a push. Any help appreciated, pics even more so. Mart.
  13. daytonamart

    Sat Nav SD Card: Is it transferable from car to car?

    Hi All, Can you take the SD card from an A3 8v with nav on and just put into an A3 that hasn't got nav? Will it work or does it need "unlocking"? Cheers in advance, Mart.
  14. daytonamart

    A1 Bootliner

    Hi Chaps, If anyone has got an A1 bootliner they want to sell I am interested in buying. Mart.
  15. daytonamart

    Just arrived A5 sportback

    Hi All, just got myself into a brand new A5 sportback, came from an A3 saloon which I only had for 9 months as couldn't get the seating position right. My mind was made up after I had seen the B9 A5 as I felt the front end wasn't pretty enough and looked a bit too much like a mondeo to me...
  16. daytonamart

    Saloon gone after 9 months.

    After a relatively short space of time I have got out of the A3 Saloon. The problem was I could never get the seating position right, it always felt like I was sitting on the car not in it. I know this might sound strange but I never felt hunkered down in it always perched on the seat. I...
  17. daytonamart

    New car delivered........not a happy bunny!

    So the day finally came on Friday for my new car to be delivered. It is a company car but I have the choice to pay in and get upgrades on the vehicle so I went for: S Line Daytona Grey paint Comfort pack Light pack Mono pur (yes, yes I know but so far I like it) 19" Wheels Audi sound Privacy...
  18. daytonamart

    Spare alloys question

    So my new saloon arrives in 3 weeks right in the middle of the poor weather season. I have specced the 19"s but want to keep them good order for as long as possible so have been looking for a spare set of alloys, this has been hard work. Can anyone tell me if these would fit...
  19. daytonamart

    New member saying hi!

    Hi All, New member here, just ordered an A3 Saloon in Daytona Grey. Currently drive a B7 2.0 TDi A4 which has just crept passed 100k. I can honestly say the best car I have ever owned, not one fault from brand new in Jan 2008. I will be sad to see the old girl go in December when the new car...