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    My S1 Order.

    Can't comment on service plan costs but my local dealers will price match any service work estimates so worth bearing in mind that you can have the Audi stamp without the headline cost
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    My S1 Order.

    Hope it's finally sorted and your in it soon
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    My S1 Build

    What are the wheels?
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    Good to know there's less road noise ,is your clutch any easier/less stiff after a few miles
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    Soon be time for a set what are your preferences, only really need fronts will it matter if different manufacturer.thanks
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    My S1 Order.

    Could you not do a search for a dealer stock car with your spec that they have on site and cancel order with existing dealer.failing that can't they be persuaded to loan you a car .
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    My S1 Order.

    Cancel order would be my option plenty of dealers out there
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    Servicing at Main Dealer or Independent Specialist?

    old school term but still main dealer recorded i would think
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    Servicing at Main Dealer or Independent Specialist?

    Hi I think most dealers will price match all you need is an estimate showing the use of gen parts and you can have the best of both price and main dealer stamp
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    Sachs organic clutch finally fitted

    Do you think it is much stiffer pedal will probably have to have ours done at some point but the wife drives it as much as me and don't want her struggling
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    S1 Spotters thread

    Just noticed this nezhayley think it was me on A453 just picking something up not my normal area.Spotted a grey sportpack well couldn't miss it really parked next to me at the great northern pub in mickelover derby
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    decat or sports cat ?

    Funny a bit more noise but how does it effect mot ?
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    Lowering Springs

    No problems with ABT ones after 2 years and 14500 miles touch wood
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    Clutch finally going

    Richter sport told me the warranty would cover anything up to 5000 that Audi would not cover due to the mods but who do you blame if the standard clutch is not up to the job even in standard car.could you try the insurance company direct?
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    Clutch finally going

    That would be useful to know so I can start saving mines on about 13000 now ,would be interested to know how the new one feels in comparison when you've got it fitted
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    Clutch finally going

    Yes suppose they don't know how hard were going to push the clutch, just a shame it's only just up to the job in the first place.Is it much of a job labour wise to replace?
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    Clutch finally going

    Must be worth trying abt warranty thought that's one of the reasons we paid such a lot in the first place ,if you wanted to upgrade the clutch perhaps they would help with the cost.
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    Best remap?

    ABT for me but as above can't compare ,but close to two years no issues
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    Sepang Blue Sportback Ordered

    Absolutely unacceptable I would have walked
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    Abarth 500c SS?

    Can't have a mini without different coloured roof ,would not be right imho.not sure about the 500 though