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  1. Rom

    2.0 Tdi Started Smoking - BKD

    Hi guys Im after some help diagnosing my 2004 tdi, which has recently started smoking. It has just turned 100k, has full history etc. Ive just managed to get a pretty rubbish video, it hasnt been smoking stationary for me to confirm smoking. One friend said it was blue, another said white...
  2. Rom

    Brake Imbalance

    Bit if a weird one, that I've not seen as a mechanic. I'll start from the beginning... Fitted S3 front brakes, noticed they were binding. Checked on brake tester, and left caliper effort was slower than right, but overall effort was actually higher. They also binded a bit. Stripped out...
  3. Rom

    Sent PMs Not Showing

    As title really, sent 3 pms today, and 1 the other day, none of which show in my sent folder ? But older messages do.
  4. Rom

    Symphony 2 to Symphony 2+ Help

    Looking to charge these units over for a friend. Its a 2005 A3 with the Symphony 2 6 cd headunit. Want to fit the 2+, had bought some adapters, but still doesnt work. Gets some inital cd mech sounds, then nothing. Straight off, i can see loom and old unit has 2 pins on black iso plug, new unit...
  5. Rom

    Coming Home Lights Not Working

    I've just Retro fitted the leaving / coming home lights mod. Coded it all in, leaving home works fine, so I assume the wiring side is fine, as it's only one wire. Coding wise, I followed the guide. Bytes 5 and 7 are checked, adaptation is set to 30 secs for both. The guide suggests they...
  6. Rom

    Quick Questions

    Greetings my 8L brethren :) A friend of a friends just bought an 8L S3, and now I'm being bombarded with crap. Most I've answered... Are the Bose speaker grills on the front doors separate, like the 8P? He seems to think it's part of the door card. Headlights washers, guessing they work off...
  7. Rom

    New Wheels Are On

    So finally bought some wheels, and yes yes i know they arent OEM or Genuine. But genuine ones are 2k in need of a refurb without tyres...and not in 5x112 afaik. Did fit some S3 brakes too, but had to take them off when i realised the new wheels dont clear them, so going to need some spacers. Im...
  8. Rom

    A Spacer, A Spacer, My Kingdom For A Spacer

    So this is a long shot... But does anyone in Bristol have a 5 and or 10mm spacer i can borrow, just to check if it solves my clearance issues. Thought id ask before i go trying to use washer or some such bodgery! Fitted one side of S3 brakes, tried a new wheel on, only to find the wheel wont...
  9. Rom

    Wheels won't clear S3 Brakes

    Bit of a dilemma. Just fitted S3 brakes. Gone to put new wheels on, and calipers catch spokes, a lot! Fronts are 19 x 8.5 et45. BBS LM reps (yes yes I know OEM ftw etc) Should I be having problems?!
  10. Rom

    Caliper Colour Choice

    So I've got a set of S3 front brakes to go on, in black, paint is Ok, few little marks but nothing to worry about. They are a bit dull, though not sure how glossy they are meant to be? I may also nab a set of cupra r rears, which are red. Now, paint rears black or fronts red? That is the...
  11. Rom

    Rear Bumper Options

    Firstly, sorry for the new thread, I know this has all been covered 6 million times, but search doesnt like my phone... I know the basics, has to be same type, 3 door etc. And any 8P year can fit. Want to check before I bid.. Seems to be 3 main styles, pre facelift, with the moulding line...
  12. Rom

    Help with coding options on A4

    So Ive had vcds for a while now, from NHN. So far all I really used it for is codes, and live data. Now I've been asked by a friend to do 2 things. Turn off auto locking. Reset long life service light. It's a 07 A4 Sline, not sure on the chassis code, but have vin if needed. Is there...
  13. Rom

    Dual Cup Holder Mod

    I've had a search, but most results relate to either newer models going from card holders to cup holders. Or for the rnse style swaps etc. I have a 04, without rnse, so cup holder is top left of radio, then hazard switch, the another panel with 3 switches / blanks. This looks to be the same...
  14. Rom

    BKD Remap and Egr coding out.

    What would I be looking at to have my 2004 a3, 2.0 tdi remapped, and to have the Egr coded out of the map. So blanking it off doesn't trip the light? Cheers
  15. Rom

    So..I Need A New (push) Bike

    After months of my gf moaning, i finally caved, and moved my bike from the hallway, to the sheltered bike rack outside the flats next door. That was Sunday, cue getting home yesterday and it not being there. Like i predicted. So i now need a new bike, but havent a clue these days. Mine was...
  16. Rom

    Wheels Spacers - Sport on Sportlines

    So my Eibach Sportlines have been on a few weeks now. And I really dislike how much tuck the rear wheels have. I'd like to bring them out with spacers, but wanted to check what's advised. It's an 04 Sport, on standard 17s. On Sportlines. With 215 45 tyres. I do get the odd scuff, which tbh...
  17. Rom

    Forum Needs Sub Sections / Forums

    I think the forum would really benefit from having sub forums. Mainly for the 8L and 8P sections, but others could benefit as well. Those forums have close to 35k and 27k threads. That's far too much for a single forum. There's too much going on for it to be as good as it could be. On 1 page...
  18. Rom

    Posting Links (changing url display name)

    Is it possible to post links, but edit the name shown. For example have Google but have the actual hyperlink text say Click Me or something. Saves having huge urls pasted everywhere. I tried the html code (without *) <*a href="YOUR WEB ADDRESS HERE">YOUR LINK DESCRIPTION HERE<*/a> But didnt...
  19. Rom

    Question about Aerial adaptors...

    Havent got the part number to hand... But basically iso adaptor came today, which happened to be wrong. Id guess it was maybe for a non bose setup. Looked like one massive plug, rather than what i have. Which conversely, after looking, i dont even need really, as my A3 04 has an iso plug...
  20. Rom

    Stripping A Door (behind the main interior panel)

    Hopefully an easy answer for a semi silly question, but didnt want to force anything... Basically when the door card is removed, theres a big panel/cover where the interior handle cable goes through a grommet, would need to be removed to change latch assembly etc. How does the cover come off...