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  1. Dan Halen

    A3/S3 8V rear light USA -> EU coding

    Send your email address, please. Someday I'll get around to cleaning it up and hosting it on Google Drive.
  2. Dan Halen

    Coding tail lights from NA to EU

    I'm afraid I can't recommend using this coding on an 8P. It's specifically for the 8V. You have an 8P? Brian
  3. Dan Halen

    A3/S3 8V rear light USA -> EU coding

    Certainly. PM your email address to me, please, and I'll forward the file over to you.
  4. Dan Halen

    Is there a way to stop the car from moving when you lift of the brake? (Automatic)

    The electronic parking brake will accomplish what hold assist will accomplish- you just have to pull the parking brake switch up manually once you're at a complete stop. As others have suggested, just apply the accelerator when it's time to move forward again and the parking brake will release.
  5. Dan Halen

    A3 ninininininnineteen

    What are the chances it's really just the Tango Red that already exists on the A3?
  6. Dan Halen


    So it was a very slow leak... as I figured. The smell is hard to describe. It's not necessarily foul... sort of a mild sweet smell, I guess. It's unique, that's for sure. Anyhow, I've been smelling coolant after a drive for some time now, and I've had to top up at least twice in the last...
  7. Dan Halen


    Did your S3 exhibit any symptoms? Any smell of coolant after driving?
  8. Dan Halen

    Lost Drl’s...

    Because the perceived reward outweighs the perceived risk. Or was that rhetorical?
  9. Dan Halen

    A3/S3 8V rear light USA -> EU coding

    PM me your email address and I can call up my file and send it to you. Do you have EU tail lamps, or are you just wanting to make the brake lamp not spaz out as a turn signal? Profile says you are in London, though...? Brian
  10. Dan Halen

    Facelift S tronic g box I guess I was the only one who didn't know this until recently...
  11. Dan Halen

    Thoughts on these ?

    On the hats. I mean, you could paint the entire disc... it just wouldn't serve any purpose and, if it anything more than overspray, would likely gum up the pads and make the brakes a bit of a risk. So probably don't do that... LOL.
  12. Dan Halen

    Wot a colour!

    Merlin Purple is about as far in that direction as I'll go.
  13. Dan Halen

    Front super sports seats

    It is.
  14. Dan Halen

    Front super sports seats

    It's both... LOL. It doesn't photograph well. The other four colors got matching stitching in a deeper color. The yellow is sort of a lighter, almost pastel shade. ... or I guess it could just be that it's difficult to photograph. A press photo: That may even be a photo of my car. I was...
  15. Dan Halen

    Front super sports seats

    Reporting for duty in the SS seat appreciation thread...
  16. Dan Halen

    Facelift DSG Oil filter fell off

    Well that sure doesn't inspire confidence! Let us know what they find if they report anything back to you.
  17. Dan Halen

    Dynamic wing mirrors

    So those of you who have swapped mirror indicators... how did you remove the mirror glass? The factory service manual says to use a VAS tool that is used for handling windshields- basically an industrial suction cup apparatus. I bought a 2-1/4” suction cup that clamps down to hold, and that...
  18. Dan Halen

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    The indicator cycle is only so long. You would need to lengthen it or substantially speed up the flow speed to account for a longer LED unit. The OE dynamic turns and the aftermarket wing mirror units are already at the upper end of that limit, making them the ideal length as is.
  19. Dan Halen

    Elephant in room - bent alloys

    I suspect it may be time to trade up.
  20. Dan Halen

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    These finally arrived. I didn't realize until I compared aftermarket vs. stock that the stock unit really has a pretty poor light pattern. It appears to be one amber LED near the inboard edge of the mirror that attempts to diffuse across the lower edge of the mirror. The dynamic indicator is...