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  1. RSMinty

    Saloon Which mods for the RS3 first?

    Hi all, In the process of waiting for my RS3 sedan and I am putting together an upgrades list. I won't be able to do all the upgrades at once, but this is the order I came up with and I wanted to hear your thoughts. It seems tires and a tune would make the most sense, but should I do a tune so...
  2. RSMinty

    Saloon Tips for negotiating for a new RS3?

    Hi Guys, I plan on ordering an RS3 (Sedan) in December, but I have never ordered a new car from the factory before. Since it is a custom order (Getting that sweet Nogaro blue), is there any tips or tricks to getting the MSRP down? Is negotiating harder if I am asking for specific things? What...
  3. RSMinty

    Saloon Ordering an RS3 soon. I have some questions.

    Hi all, I've reached out to Audi and they will be contacting me once the 2019 order book comes out. I have been slowly putting together some things Id like done with the car once it arrives in a couple months time. 1. Is a full Paint Protection Film worth it? I am still debating if this is a...
  4. RSMinty

    California lurken'

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hi. I am planning on getting an RS3 once the 2019 order book is out. Figured Id sign up since I know I'll have questions. This will be my first Audi. Greetings from California!