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    Alpine gurus!

    Fitted an alpine UTE72bt to the Mrs A4 and surprise sup rose she’s found something to moan about !! It’s too bright at night , pmsl . Dimming is an option apparently but nowhere on the web I’ve looked at actually tells you how !! I’ve selected manual instead of the auto (orange wire option) but...
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    A4 B5 1999 Alpine

    hi folks , trying to fit an Apline into the other half’s A4 , I bought a PC9-401 as that seemed to fit the bill (half amplified) but I’ve gone to plug it all in and everything goes in ok except the power plug from the headunit ! This is what is coming from the dash The black and brown...
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    Help needed please

    My wife’s A4 B5 1.8t avant is playing up . It will only start if the EPC light is illuminated but every so often the light doesn’t come on meaning the car will only turn over . No pattern as to weather it comes on or not . Scanned with VCDS , no codes . New battery so not a voltage issue . Given...
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    Symphony !!

    right , I got fed up of my double din alpine sounding hopeless so have put that in my transporter where it sounds great . Won this symphony cheap on eBay , had a mare with the seller as he forgot to tell me he didn’t have the code . £5 on eBay later we’re all working and sounds amazing compared...
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    Overrun vibration

    So , just been to the yearly MOT (all good) On the dual carriageway on the way home I’ve developed a horrible vibration in overrun :( It’s all coming apart in the next week or so for the new engine so this will be the time to sort it out ! I’m guessing between DMF or transer box to prop...
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    Stealth WMI

    Hi , now I’ve got my FMIC in place I’ve got some spare room behind my front wheel arch liners . I want to fit WMI but don’t want it all in show in the boot ! I can fit the pump where the old SMIC used to sit and know of a couple of S3’s using the washer bottle as the tank ( stealth and free low...
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    Phenolic spacer

    hi , I’m almost ready to fit my 034 phenolic inlet spacer ! What have people done re the engine cover bolt brackets ? I want to keep the engine cover for OEM looks but I’m guessing moving the inlet out from the head also moves the engine cover bolt holes ? What’s the soloution please ? Basil :)
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    HVAC controls numpty !!!

    Please forgive me for I have sinned :) I've started my double din conversion today (been rained off though ) Gone to plug my new HVAC controls in and noticed I wasn't paying attention when unplugging everything ! The original and new controls have 4 plug holes but for the life of me can only...
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    2 small niggles ?

    I've made the mistake of driving basil rather than just improving him on the driveway :tearsofjoy: 1st , on cold start it takes 1 maybe 2 seconds to realise it's cold starting ! Runs baldly/lumpy then all of a sudden picks up and runs perfectly for a while then the revs settle to normal idle ...
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    Ideal engine combo ?

    so , im getting my S3 close to where I want it to be , the last thing is the engine and subsequent mapping ! I'm going to bench build a replacement rather than take it off the road and build on what I have . Currently running a BAM but would like to know which mash up of bits is the best way...
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    Laughable question of the day !

    Now , my S3 cane with a split R installed ( I know I know !!!) The bins ready as my new 710n has turned up . What way round does it go ? I've googled it and got massive conflicting answers !! Some nonsense about push orientation and pull orientation !! So bottom port to TIP or side port to TIP...
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    Torn !!

    I've found a split breather pipe ! No surprise really as we all know ! So , do I silicone pipe the whole system or for a catch can ? If the overwhelming advise is catch can is there a definite answer as to where to vent it ? I'm getting conflicting answers , some saying to atmosphere others...
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    Double din

    hi , I've gathered all the parts necessary to convert my facelift 8L S3 to double din apart from the headunit and loom adaptor ! I'm torn between a blaupunkt Or a kenwood Both identical money and VERY similar in spec ! Now I'd like the blaupunkt for its simplicity and build quality but...
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    Posting pics ?

    has the ability to direct link to Photobucket pics gone ? I've tried and all the post gets is the link in red , no picture ! I can post pics using the upload button but they only appear as thumbnails :(
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    Posting pictures changed ?

    Forgive the numpty question but I've been away from here for a while , returned and want to post pics the old way ( copy direct link from Photobucket ) and it doesn't seem to work ! Has the process changed ?
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    Basils had a S3X change :D

    Hi all , I'm back !!! Some of you may remember my "basils mild improvement thread" ? Well he had to go but through lots of overtime in my new job I'm back in the 8L fold . This time however it isn't an 8L AGU A3 it's a...
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    new keys ?

    hi peeps, i think i've taken the plunge and bought an S3 !!!!!!! With them at an all time low and add the fact i've always liked them and got on with my A3 really well i've wanted to add an S3 to the fold as a long term rolling resoration to a really OEM+ future classic . the only real let down...
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    need help !!!!!!

    afternoon , i'm completeing a house move next week and have some equity left over and want to move up from my 8L A3 !!!! my question is this , A, Audi S3 (8L) B, Audi A3 (2.0TDI 170 quattro 8P) or wait for it ........ C, Ford Focus ST ? owners (past or present) views would be appreciated :D
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    AGU stage 2 injectors ???

    im gathering parts for my planned stage 2 at the moment :) I've re read jardos must do thread in the stickys to glean some info on injectors and Saab reds at Vauxhall yellows seem the ones to choose at around 340-350cc . Both of which can be had for around £60 used on the bay ! However after...
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    potential dopey question !!!!

    aimed at the gurus really this !! almost every conversation / thread about power gains relates to BHP figures ! the point i'm at now involves starting to gather parts for remap time , so my actual question is ... i'm after torque over outright BHP figures so should my approach in what actually...