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    Q3 MY20 2019 Q3 WiFi?

    Evening all, Took delivery of a MY20 2019 SLine Q 3 on Saturday. Chuffed to bits despite full functionality of the myAudi app not working (remote lock u/s, Audi figuring a fix). My main question though is regarding WiFi. Not interested at all about generating a hotspot for other users, but is...
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    Have you got a rattle?

    well, I'm 600 miles in a week after picking the car up. I've noticed an intermittent rattle. In relatively low revs, but under gentle acceleration through second gear, I get a rattle that sounds like a loose metal object or metallic valve opening and closing. It "seems" to come from the drivers...
  3. Inverted

    Avant Cargo net / Luggage net?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me the part number of the luggage/cargo net that will fit the B9 Avant? Missing not having one after the A3 had one.... Can see it listed in the accessory brochure!
  4. Inverted

    Insurance? Ensurance?

    Hi guys, building upto collection day, sorting out all the fun stuff including insurance. For my last 3 Audi's I've used Audi insurance (Allianz) as they have always been competitive and are able to provide dedicated Audi repairs, OEM parts etc. oddly enough, they cant quote me on the new car...