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    Parking Sensor Volume

    Hi, Anyone know how to increase the volume of my parking sensors on my 8V Audi A3? For some reason the volume has decreased. Thanks
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    Window One Touch not working after MOT

    Afternoon, I just got my car back from the garage after they did my MOT. However, my Window One-touch on my passenger window has stopped working for some reason. It was working before I took it to the garage. Does anyone know why this could be? Is it a setting I need to reconfigure? Any...
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    Car Windows steaming up excessively

    Evening all, Quick question. My Audi A3 windows seam to steam up overnight excessively more than my Passat. when I say excessively I mean 10 minutes with the a/c on in the morning. I have window deflectors on and thought it was due to this as the windows may not be fully sealed overnight -...
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    Changing Front Dipped Beam Halogen Bulb (Passenger Side)

    Evening all, My left headlight (Passenger Side) on my 3 Dr Audi 8v has gone and I need to replace it. (Halogen Bulbs not the Bixenons) I have managed to take the bulb out of the cluster, by twisting it anticlockwise. I have connected the new light bulb successfully, however I am struggling...
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    Start Stop Malfunction

    Hi all, Every time I start my Audi A3 2.0 diesel 8v it comes up with a Start Stop Malfunction. It hasn't worked once for me since owning the car. I believe it is a common issue? Does anyone know what this could be due to? Also, is it something that could cost a bit to fix? Thanks in advance. Zain
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    PFL S Line Rear Lights Conversion

    Hi all I have recently purchased a 2013 Audi A3 8v Sport 3 door and now have started looking at some mods. I want to buy some PFL S line rear lights however I have two questions. Firstly this may be a daft one, but the lights I have seen are for a 5 door will these fit my 3 door? I thought...