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    Potholes! Can I still drive on this tyre?

    I'd get it changed ASAP, it's not worth the risk.
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    Not What I'd Expect From Audi

    Absolutely disgusting, glad it's not my local dealership.
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    Facelift Noise under braking whilst using ACC

    Can't say I've ever noticed it myself.
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    A prime example of why we practice 'extreme parking'.

    Parked in the car park at Brent Cross this morning, middle of bay, plenty of space either side. On return some idiot had parked next to me leaving no more than 6 inches between my drivers side & his passenger side. I ended up having to get in through the passenger side to get out!
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    Windscreen washers

    Whereabouts on the herts Essex border?
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    Stall - start stop does work. Garage lying or not?

    My previous manual 8P would restart automatically after stalling as soon as I pressed the clutch.
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    S-Tronic Driving Tips

    I usually leave mine in E mode & when I do use S mode to overtake I end up using the paddles to change up anyway.
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Can someone explain their licensing model/in app purchases for IOS as there seems to be 3 different Pro options.
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    downloading music question

    Try using something like DBPoweramp to reconvert to mp3 again. I convert all my CD's etc using it & then put whatever songs I want onto an SD card which plays without any issues.
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    Carbon Fiber Interior Trimming Sedan/SB Update, Final Call & Reconfirm PLS!

    Have you got any let? If so can you pm me re cost etc? Many thanks..
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    SatNav Options

    I had used the TomTom app on a Windows mobile some years ago & really liked it, but when I changed to an iPhone I tried both & went with CoPilot.
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    SatNav Options

    Glad you got it sorted, I use CoPilot & find that very good, pricewise it's similar to the TomTom app.
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    Q3 New Q3 purchase - Buy or avoid?

    It was a FL, I ended up buying an A3 S Line in the end. When it comes to replacing the wife's A1 we're going to have a look at the Q2, the interior of which is straight out of the FL A3.
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    Q3 New Q3 purchase - Buy or avoid?

    I really like the look of the Q3, but after test driving one I was left rather unimpressed & as others have said the interior is out of the A1.
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    Not Happy

    There is a difference between dust & stone cutting dust though.
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    Not Happy

    Have you seen how much dust an industrial cutter generates!, maybe you would't feel the same way if it was your car.
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    Not Happy

    Actually they were cutting the blocks in the drive 10ft from my car without any safety gear except ear defenders, so you tell me who has any brains. And I did politely speak to them asking them them to give me a warning when they were cutting again only to be told I was an idiot.
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    Not Happy

    Thanks for the tip, but I always snow foam a dry car.
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    Not Happy

    Not really as that's something that can't be prevented, whereas in this instance it was something that could so easily have been prevented if the guy's using the cutting machine had even half a brain between them or any respect for other people's property.
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    Not Happy

    What is your problem! If you hold such a low opinion of Audi's why are you even on an Audi forum.