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  1. allanmb

    Facelift Exhaust noise in the cabin

    Without hearing it it's hard to say but there should be a noticable difference when driving below 3k rpm and above as the flaps open. If this isn't apparent then it sounds like they may have made the flaps open permanently which is what I have had done. There may also have been a res delete or...
  2. allanmb

    Facelift Regretting purchasing my S3

    What A4 did you have previously? I had a 3.2 Quattro A4 and a 2.0 TDI Qauttro BE. I find my S3 smaller but much better handling than the A4 and my interior is much nicer. The only thing I don't like about the S3 is the attention it seems to get on the road from boy racers
  3. allanmb

    Wireless charging woes

    Just to be sure, do you have the phone in the box with the screen up? It won't charge with the screen facing down
  4. allanmb

    Small accident, pay private or go through insurance?

    Do you know this for sure? Or just a hunch? If that were to happen then I would obviously just pay privately
  5. allanmb

    Small accident, pay private or go through insurance?

    I have already notified the insurance company so that is not an option now
  6. allanmb

    Small accident, pay private or go through insurance?

    Yes it will have to be declared to all inusrance companies for the next 3-5 years depending on their policy
  7. allanmb

    Small accident, pay private or go through insurance?

    I had a small bump a while back and the cost of repairs totalled approximately £375 for both cars - mainly just paintwork. I have notified the insurance company and I have protected NCD. My question is, if I claim through the insurance will this £375 be bloated with fees and therefore I will...
  8. allanmb

    MY66 S3 8V PCP swap/keep

    I'm 3 years and 3 months in and I still haven't hit the voluntary termination point. Apparently I will in February. Handing back seems pretty easy however there are a whole host of things they may charge you for so beware. They sent me a pdf with all the charges ranging from excess mileage to...
  9. allanmb

    Facelift Sports exhaust - is it worth it?

    Thanks for the replies guys - I will go for it. I just wish I wasn't forced into getting mag ride like I am also forced into getting the advanced key if I want B&O :(
  10. allanmb

    Facelift Sports exhaust - is it worth it?

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm not really bothered about resale as it will likely be traded back to Audi at the end of the PCP duration again. On my S3, I disabled the valves which makes it a much better noise so I know that the extra noise is good. I was just wondering how much difference it...
  11. allanmb

    Facelift Sports exhaust - is it worth it?

    I'm considering going for a new RS3 once my current S3 PCP deal ends in a few months. I was tempted with the sports exhaust when it was an option for £1k but it is now only available with mag-ride which makes it £1700. I am not interested in mag-ride so is the sports exhaust worth the extra...
  12. allanmb

    Engine oil for audi s3 8v

    AFAIK, you need to be going with the VW standard e.g. VW 504 00, VW 508 00, VW 502 00 etc. rather than the 5W/30 oW/20 etc. Different oil manufacturers have different weight specs for the VW standards.
  13. allanmb


    I just had my first MOT at 3 years. They mentioned the brake fluid change but didn't say anything about the Haldex work
  14. allanmb

    S Mode in s tronic

    Searching would have told you this quicker as it has been asked many times already ;-) Why don't you try it and you can see what it does? Basically it makes the gear lower so you can accelarate faster. It also makes the engine idle slightly higher and I think it also makes the throttle...
  15. allanmb

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN

    What has changed that it won't work on the new A4? Do you know if it will work on my 68 plate TT?
  16. allanmb

    What is this part that has fallen off?

    We have some building work going on at work and they have put up a severe speed bump, in that it is high and almost vertical on either side. I went over it cautiously, but obviously not cautiously enough, and I heard a crunching noise. I looked back and this part had broken off and was lying on...
  17. allanmb

    Android Auto

    I have the wireless charging so never plug the phone in. It certainly didn't support BT for the full features the last time I tried (about a year ago)
  18. allanmb

    Android Auto

    I could never use Android Auto as I had to plug the phone in via USB. Who has time for that? ;-) Is this still the case? Or do they finally support wi-fi/BT?
  19. allanmb

    Facelift How do I make my S-Tronic start-stop chill the hell out?

    Sounds like your battery is having the same issues as mine. Beware as it may just die like mine did. There are a few threads on here about a dodgy batch of VW/Audi batteries
  20. allanmb

    Auto boot opening

    I've been interested in this for a long time but haven't found a place to buy the parts in the UK. If anyone finds a way then I would be up for getting it done. Perhaps a group buy?